CBS Unveils Stephen King’s ‘Under The Dome’ Mini-Series, Reminds Me To Read Book Again

Posted by on April 1, 2013 at 9:20 am
Yeah, you ain't getting out, buddy. I don't care if you have an owie-boo-boo.

Yeah, you ain’t getting out, buddy. I don’t care if you have an owie-boo-boo.

I don’t read enough books to be one of those elite buggers that can claim ‘the book was better’ when said story transitions across media to TV or the silver screen. With the arrival of Stephen King’s Under The Dome, a mini-series that airs on CBS in June, I’ll finally get my chance to don that turtleneck and those thick-rimmed glasses unironically.

As the story goes, a fictional town in Maine is encapsulated in a massive, invisible dome. Source and composition unknown, the isolated town must now cope with not only the escalating drama happening inside the town, but also environmental concerns. The book wasn’t perfect by any means, but in King’s style, a very compelling read that featured a massive cast. I’m interested at this point what will need to get trimmed – if anything – to be aired on a Big Four network. Notable casting? Breaking Bad‘s Dean Morris as the personable, yet deeply corrupt villain “Big Jim” Rennie.

Expect some coverage right here if that E3 thing doesn’t get in the way.

Source: YouTube via IGN

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