New ‘Elysium’ HD (1080p) Trailer With Damon, Foster Is Science-Fiction “For The 99%”

Posted by on April 9, 2013 at 5:37 pm
"I'm sorry, that big metal piping is going where?"

“I’m sorry, that big metal piping is going where?”

Class warfare is taken to an extreme in Neil Blomkamp’s follow up to 2009’s District 9. Dealing once more with oppression by those who have and those don’t, the world’s finest and most -privileged citizens take residence in a massive Stanford torus well above the Earth. Down on Earth? Oh, it’s bad news.

Matt Damon’s character is dying and he can’t be cured. I’m sure his health insurance just isn’t covering him anymore. The only way to avoid death at this point is to smuggle himself onto the Elysium station where Jodie Foster reigns and inconveniences like cancer and disease are a simple scan away from eradication. The only way to do that is to graft a crazy exoskeleton directly to his bones (presented pre-surgery as a chained jumble of pipes) and fight his way up there. District 9 was plenty smart and even if there are plenty of explosions on display here, I’m sure the former Halo director has some hidden cards.

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