New Epic Rap Battles In History Pits Skrillex Against Mozart

Posted by on April 8, 2013 at 6:34 pm
Well, there it is.

Well, there it is.

The Epic Rap Battles in History series has always been pretty clever and this one doesn’t break the trend. Maker Studios puts these together with – and I didn’t know this – a team of more than a dozen people, which explains why they usually take so long to produce. It’s through some corporate fenagling that Snoop Lion (I giggle every single time) played Moses in an earlier episode this season.

It’s by a mere coincidence that Amadeus happens to be my favorite film and I happen to have seen it this past weekend while I just put a new Skrillex track in my playlist. Of course, no one will remember who Skrillex is in short time, so it’s not really a competition at all. At any rate, enjoy!

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