PSA: Phoenix’s New Album – Bankrupt! – Is Out Today

Posted by on April 23, 2013 at 8:41 am
It's like a Starburst of music!

It’s like a Starburst of music!

It’s been four years since Phoenix released Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, but it feels like it’s been that long since they announced the release date for their newest album, Bankrupt!, which is out today. Finally!

I’d known of Phoenix before their breakthrough Wolfgang album, but they were a yearning little French outfit that hadn’t found their voice yet. With that album, which I hopped on late for, they hit on a chemistry that worked and produced one of my favorite songs, the moody instrumental “Love Like A Sunset”. I was definitely up for more of that, so Bankrupt! was a Day One date. Debuting with “Entertainment” in February, this new album features some fringe Eastern sounds, but it buzzes with French synth compositions throughout. Fact: I did not realize that Phoenix lacked a full-time percussionist. It’s true! Anyway, enough of me trying to explain what this new album is – daiquiri rock, really – pick it up at your favorite vendor everywhere.

Highlights: “Entertainment” (if you haven’t worn out the single by now, like I probably have), “The Real Thing”, “Trying To Be Cool”, “Bourgeois”.

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