See This: Get Your Badge On With Egoraptor’s New “PokeAwesome 2”

Posted by on April 11, 2013 at 3:37 pm
Deranged? Oh yeah.

Deranged? Oh yeah.

A year in the making, as he says, Egoraptor brings us PokeAwesome 2, the long-awaited (I don’t recall getting a newsletter about it) sequel to PokeAwesome. The guy’s amazing and his incredible animation and delightfully perverted story will have you playing this short flick over and over.

If you haven’t been following Egoraptor’s work, I’m not sure why you must live your life in such permanent shadow. Originally known for his Metal Gear Awesome videos, in which Solid Snake must deal with the series’ bizarre trademarks, he worked his way up through the years into a variety of different games and cartoons based on them. Oh man, the stuff he does is great. Let me just throw a few extra links for you beyond the new stuff. Only a few minutes long each, if that, you’re going to rip right through all his stuff.

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