‘Strip Search’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 11 “Street Art”

Posted by on April 5, 2013 at 12:34 pm
Painting a pineapple Maki is more clever than you think.

Painting a pineapple Maki is more clever than you think.

We’re now into day four of the Strip Search competition and this graffiti art challenge is pretty clever. Everything I know about spraypaint art can be traced back to Jet Set Radio Future, which features a number of pieces based on bizarre and wonderful typography, something that the artists didn’t chase here. That’s fine because despite these guys being new to the process, their pieces still came out pretty well.

The best way to go about this is to simply grade each group’s effort.

Tavis, Monica, and Erika built a complex piece with tentacles and their bubbly little companions at the bottom. I liked the use of color, but as the Sadsads mention, it’s pretty busy. There’s also a lack of discrete edges and it looks like they spent little time utilizing blocks to mask their output or repaint items to give them more definition. As a result, the whole thing looks loose and fuzzyany closer than, well, I guess pretty far. At that point, you’ll be unable to make out the figures at the bottom.

Nick, Amy, and Abby were the favored few because of Nick’s experience with spraypaint. Their ‘crows swirling in a vortex’ composition was well-done, but it did feel like they underachieved a bit by not adding a something more. Perhaps a frame? Something inside the void? More texture? I don’t know.

The winners, Maki, Mac, and Katie weren’t quite sure what to do, but settled with an interesting “pineapple Maki” design. Starting out, it looked like they were going to try an amalgamation of the three of them, but wound up just being Maki. I was favoring Nick’s group on their advantage alone, but these guys wound up with a very clever spray in the end.

Stay tuned next week when, apparently, we’re giving new life to Penny Arcade’s Charles, it appears? I don’t know, stay tuned!

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