‘The Simpsons’ Uses Couch Gag To Parody ‘Breaking Bad’, Wins Heisenberg’s Approval

Posted by on April 11, 2013 at 6:39 pm
99% Pure Cupcakes.

99% Pure Cupcakes.

The episode doesn’t even air until Sunday, but this latest from The Simpsons may be the coolest one in years. It’s cool that the show’s runners are hip with the coolest stuff though as Breaking Bad finishes its run this summer.

I can count the number of episodes I’ve seen of The Simpsons in the past five years on one hand. Or two fingers, actually. I’m really not sure how the show is still on the air considering how expensive it’s gotten to make (although the staff did recently take a pay cut to stay on-board). Still, you can’t help but appreciate those little glimmers of genius, like whne Marge makes a fortune manufacturing and distributing batch after batch of blue cupcakes while Homer spies on the operation from a distance… and up close. His porkpie and the sunglasses sell the act. Oh, listen to me babble on, just watch the clip below!

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