21st Century Fox Joins The Future, Embraces Awful New Logo

Posted by on May 9, 2013 at 5:36 pm
Appropriate for Cable TV, but not cinema.

Appropriate for Cable TV, but not a big corporation.

It’s been nearly twelve years since the century turned over (yes, I’m one of those people) and I was extremely curious why 20th Century Fox wasn’t terribly interested in updating their brand. They still aren’t changing it, but in the split of its parent company (News Corporation), the new entertainment-themed corporate entity containing 20th Century Fox will be branded 21st Century Fox. Are you following me?

Yeah, I know, it’s weird. Well, since this is a whole new company, they’ve just unveiled the new branding and it’s pretty terrible. I love everything flat-shaded, but it looks like the eighties, cheesy fake update of the 20th Century logo than a proper marque of a unit that will continue to foster billions of dollars worth of entertainment going forward. Seriously, just add some VHS fuzz and you’ve got the illusion perfect.

This joins a trio of new redesigns for Fox’s channels, including FX, the new FXX network that will feature the likes of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and FXM, the trendy re-brand of Fox Movie Channel, which range of decent to “oh God”. Corporate transitions and mergers are pretty amazing because of the new amalgamated art that comes out of their new branding, like when Sprint bought Nortel. That logo is still the bossest one of all. Instead, we got these. Vision trailer below.




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