Can Kelsey Grammer Save ‘Transformers 4’ From Itself? Sure

Posted by on May 1, 2013 at 4:48 pm
I didn't realize how many faces I'd posted today until just now.

I didn’t realize how many faces I’d posted today until just now.

The only thing more intellectually insulting than the Transformers trilogy is the fact that I paid money to see them all in theaters. Yes, like so many other millions of people, I’ve opened my wallet to see a terrible train wreck several times over. In my defense, I loved school supplies that were sparkled, shined, or dazzled, so I think I just have a ‘shiny thing complex’ for Industrial Light & Magic’s incredible showmanship. Now they’ve got Kelsey Grammer.

Now, I don’t really know of Grammer’s work outside of Down Periscope, The Simpsons, or his cameo on Star Trek: The Next Generation, but every time? Solid. In Transformers 4, Grammer plays the film’s villain, a government agent who’s a super big jerk. I can only guess, but that seems accurate. He’ll be fighting the likes of Mark Wahlberg, who’s coming off another Michael Bay film that’s pretty good in our estimation. Like, weirdly good. Can Bay transform the franchise into something watchable again? Don’t count on it, but we can dream.

Source: Deadline

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