‘Star Trek Into Darkness’ Finds Final Frontier In Disappointing Opening Weekend

Posted by on May 20, 2013 at 11:42 am
"No, Captain Kirk, I expect you to die!"

A charming new villain, a smaller take at the box office.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of J.J. Abrams new Trek adventure, but while my colleagues may disagree, it appears that not enough people came out to prove me wrong. As it turns out, Star Trek Into Darkness, even with ticket inflation and a massive marketing campaign, opened to a notably smaller box office take ($70.6 million, Friday-Sunday) than its predecessor ($75.2 million). Paramount had been expecting a $100 million purse.

Some of the reasons seem pretty generic, but they make sense. First off, Trek had traditionally launched in drama-heavy December and hasn’t won its action-fare wings to compete against Iron Man 3 or next week’s Fast & Furious 6. Secondly, it’s been a full four years since the last Star Trek film debuted and while it was the best Star Trek film in the box office department by far, it was an unproven formula that didn’t break any records. Unfortunately, while this new film may have a long tail – this is only the opening weekend, after all – it won’t be the billion-dollar Dark Knight to Star Trek‘s Batman Begins.

Source: CBS News

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