‘Strip Search’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 22 “Elimination #7”

Posted by on May 14, 2013 at 4:06 pm
The meek juvenile versus the experienced auteur.

The meek juvenile versus the experienced auteur.

…and then there were five. Katie sent Monica and Lexxy off to prove themselves before the creators. I say it every elimination, but we don’t get to see what these artists are really made of until they show up for elimination, then half of them are dismissed right away.

Given “Roller Skates” and “Dinosaurs” (which you can see above, lolz!) the two went at it. While Lexxy almost felt like a fixture of the crew with her answers, Monica deflected Mike’s taunts. Then she said she would fuck his mom. Ha, okay! I didn’t find either strip particularly exciting. Lexxy’s touched on themes that Perry Bible Fellowship’s done, but I guess that’s what you get. Monica’s auto-biographical strip was, as Mike put it, a bit too clunky, but I could see the point through the end. I had to pause the video a few times to really get it. They favored Lexxy and I did, too. I think Monica’s adorable, but she still has so much to learn. She will.

These next few eliminations are going to be very interesting.

Cody, our resident illustrator, actually had a strip that he did for the eliminator!

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