‘Strip Search’ Recap: Season 1, Episode 31 “Finale Pt. 2”

Posted by on June 18, 2013 at 8:13 pm
The End.

The End.

And so we reach the conclusion…

A2 I called it in the last episode, I knew it’d be Katie. Maki’s a good artist, but his strip wasn’t ready for the big guys.

I don’t quite think their criticism of Abby was valid. Well, perhaps it was valid, but only in the context of how they built their exercise. Let anyone stew in their own creative juices for long enough (yes, even Katie and Maki) and they’ll begin over-thinking their approach and quality will suffer. Look at Abby’s current strip. Between her one-offs and her autobiographical stuff, she produces great work every time, presumably without time pressure. Was I excited at Abby’s concept? Not terribly, but there’s a million different ways it could’ve gone. Or maybe not; I think she’s a super creative gal, she would’ve figured it out.

Katie’s win is one of a victorious silent confidence. As she confessed in the episode, she cried a lot in the later episodes (off-camera) and I think she may have been facing the same confidence issues that Abby was, but Abby was vocalizing them while Katie kept them hidden. This may even go back to her being sent to the first two eliminations back-to-back like that. I’m speaking as if she’s a trauma victim or something, but it may have affected her during that week and a half trial. Abby is probably where Katie was a decade ago and she has a better sense of refining her ideas and presenting herself because of experience.

Congrats to Katie! You can visit her new strip here.

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