NBA 2K11 Review

Posted by on November 4, 2010 at 4:23 pm

NBA 2K11 has brought his holiness Michael Jordan out of retirement and back to the courts, on which he once reigned as champion. This new instalment of NBA has delivered a spectacular game; one of the greatest basketball, even sports games, this decade… besides Madden. NBA 2K11 has made this all possible almost just with Michael Jordan.

Featuring on the cover Michael Jordan has had an earth shattering career with such stats as 32 292 career points 6672 rebounds and 5633 assists which some still stand today. The player can attempt such feats in the Michael Jordan Challenges. Besides all the talk of Michael Jordan, 2K Sports has amazed all with the game dynamics, graphics, game modes and much more.

2K11 has a similar feel to ESPN, with pre and post game reviews on players to watch out for, as well as previous games stats. The half time report sums up what has happened so far during the game, which makes this game feel more authentic. The Jordan Challenges are legendary matches the player gets to relive as MJ.


These Jordan Challenges could be a game on their own, with lots to do and plenty game time. Challenges include scoring 63 points, 50% shooting average in the field and 6-plus assists. There are also career, tournament and practice modes as well, which could take game time into the weeks, maybe more .Within the practice mode you can perfect your plays, player movement and shooting. In practice mode the player can play with a team, perfecting plays, or solo, where they can do anything the heart desires. Dunking is one the coolest things in this game… that’s what I liked most in practice, as getting it right in the game is not as easy.

The controls are easy enough for the most everyone.

One thing I did enjoy was shooting with the analogue stick (which is optional) as the player gets an early, perfect or late display. This can be perfected in the practice modes.

Free throws and three point shots really make the gamer more involved in the game. They are addictive and feel like the player is actually shooting for the hoop… swish, baby!

Players can now control passes to other team mates, a new feature to NBA. Defence, on the other hand, can be difficult at times, as one of three referees always spots infringements… but the controls for this are not too complicated.

Dribbling is smooth and has a very realistic look and feel to it, with a bunch of different steps and crossover moves to keep the opponent guessing where the character might go. Slam dunks aren’t too easy to execute during a regular game but feel great to get right. If you happen to get a good slam, the player might just get a “Sprite Slam Jam” highlight reel.

Overall, the graphics are very impressive; authentic.

NBA characters have been recreated exceptionally well, with close attention to detail. If you are familiar with the basketball scene, recognising the odd few Big Balers (MJ, Shaw & Kobe) won’t be difficult. The characters are well proportioned to one and other; you will see the height difference between Shaquille O’Neal (7”1’) and the referee.

Crowds aren’t normally impressive in most games, but that’s not the case in NBA 2K11, with the crowd moving independently from each other. Some characters from the crowd will cheer, standing and waving in your support, with others still seated, waiting for their team to make a break.

The odd few even walk up and down the stair cases, going to the bathroom or canteen perhaps. The graphics have been well done, with a smooth flow of movement between the court, crowd and stadium making the game play awesome.

The sound track in NBA 2K11 was put together with great appeal to all genres, featuring Hip Hop, Dance and old school. You’ll hear a range from The Alan Parsons Project (Sirius) to Art vs. Science (Hollywood), Snoop Dogg (NBA 2K11 theme) to the Kidz in Space (Downtime). The other great thing about 2K11 is that the interactive crowd gets louder during longer plays. Shouts for defence (D – Fence), for example, are commonly heard while defending.

Overall, this is an excellent addition to the NBA 2K franchise.

Available on:

  • Xbox 360
  • PS3
  • PC
  • PS2

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