An Erotic Mini-Game Collection For Motion Controllers? Okay.

Posted by on February 25, 2011 at 6:33 pm

Is the good ol’ “dinner and a movie” just not cutting the cake? Are those episodes of Babylon 5 just not getting you and your significant other excited? Well, Ubisoft is publishing We Dare, a non-explicit game with entirely explicit gameplay connotations. What do I mean? Well, just catch the trailer after the break.

Now granted, the target audience probably isn’t going to be made up of beautiful people like we see below, but I’m sure someone will find some enjoyment from suggestively dangling controllers in front of their spouse or gal they met on the street.

Oh, one catch, it’s only coming out in Europe. Guess you’ll have to import your copy for Wii or PS3 to get really randy after that Austin Powers marathon ends.

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  • Right…

  • Greg

    The funny thing is that we’re meant to believe that the hot brunette woman is the one who bought the game in the first place.