Dragon Age 2 Demo Announced

Posted by on February 3, 2011 at 10:51 pm


According to an official press announcement made earlier today by EA, the Dragon Age 2 demo will be released on or about February 22nd.

Here’s the text of the announcement:

The entire world stands on the brink of war and you are the one person at the center of it all. On February 22, 2011, BioWare will release a demo for Dragon Age II, allowing gamers on all platforms to experience a portion of this epic action RPG. Featuring enhanced graphics, faster, more responsive combat and a gripping storyline, the Dragon Age II demo is your chance to find out firsthand why IGN, Game Informer, MTV and The New York Times’ Seth Schiesel have endorsed Dragon Age II as one of the most anticipated games of 2011.

In the demo, players will venture through the game’s prologue, choosing from three different character classes. They’ll also learn more about Hawke and hone their skills and abilities that will make them the ultimate hero. After finishing the prologue, players will enter a key new location in the world of Dragon Age, Kirkwall, befriending Isabela, a romantic interest in the game who is also a deadly smuggler. Upon completion of the demo, players will unlock a special weapon, Hayder’s Razor, an ancient dwarven blade which increases health, mana, and combat abilities, in the full release of Dragon Age II.

This demo represents just a small taste of what Dragon Age II has to offer. With a whole new realm to discover, and an all-new hero to become, players will go deeper into the world of Dragon Age unlike ever before in an adventure that shapes itself around every decision you make. The time has now come to engage in action-packed, dynamic combat that allows you to think like a general and fight like a Spartan! The legend of your rise to power begins now!

So with a demo on the 22nd of February and the official release of the game on March 8th, all the Dragon Age: Origins fans (and, indeed, any fans of the Fantasy RPG genre) have a lot to look forward to, very soon.

And for those of you who still haven’t seen the official DA2 trailer, here it is in all its sexiness!

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