Gears Of War 3 Launch Date And Beta Info Announced. New Undies, Plz!

Posted by on February 26, 2011 at 10:19 am

Well, kids, it’s been a long time coming and we are very excited to report that Epic Games has announced the release date for the final installment of the Gears of War trilogy as well as information on the Gears 3 BETA!

Mark your calendar! The Associated Press reported that Microsoft will launch the most anticipated game of 2011 on September 20, 2011.*

Gears 3 is the gripping finale to one of the most memorable sagas in video game history.

Picking up eighteen months after the events of Gears 2 and the loss of the human stronghold of Jacinto, Gears 3 chronicles the battles waged by Marcus, Cole, Baird, Dom, and company to save humanity.

Follow the campaign as the remnants of Delta squad battle the Locust Horde and discover an even more insidious threat emerging from Sera’s core.

Get ready to get your Gear on with…
An enthralling cinematic story that engages players in intense action.

Five-vs.-five multiplayer experience and four-player co-op campaign.

New multiplayer game modes, including Beast Mode (where you fight as the Locust Horde—in all their incarnations!).

Five new maps: Trenches (which features a relentless, visibility-reducing sandstorm), Overpass, Mercy, Checkout, and Thrashball.

A new arsenal that includes the Bayonet Charge, Retro Lancer, Sawed-off Shotgun, OneShot (a heavy sniper rifle that penetrates shields or cover for surprise one-shot kills), Incendiary Grenade, and Digger Launcher as well as old favorites (with subtle improvements), like the Hammerburst and Classic Lancer—and every weapon has its own execution move!

Stay tuned for more updates, and watch for more news on the official multiplayer public Beta coming soon!

*Launches in Japan on September 22, 2011

In other Gears news, Epic has announced that they are enlisting gamers to assist with the map selection for the Gears 3 beta. In addition to 2 unannounced maps, Epic is running a poll on their Facebook page to determine which 2 player-voted maps they will include when the beta releases.

The poll, which runs through the 28th, will allow players to vote on the following maps:

Old Town

Make sure you get out there and vote for your favorite maps!

Keep checking back here for more Gears 3 news and information.


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