Goodbye, Bizarre Creations (1994-2011)

Posted by on February 15, 2011 at 4:00 pm

On Friday, February 18th, Activision will close Bizarre Creations – creators of the world-famous Project Gotham Racing and Geometry Wars franchises – and I will be sad. Oh, so sad.

I’ve written at length about my appreciation for the Project Gotham Racing franchise, which was tied closely to my first experiences with Microsoft’s Xbox a decade ago. They made four of the games for Microsoft (including several fantastic Geometry Wars games) before Activision snapped ’em up. Activision published their car combat game Blur and next-gen James Bond action/racing title Blood Stone last year, both failing commercially, so it’s no surprise that in an era where Activision is axing the legendary Guitar Hero franchise, Bizarre was also shown the door. While the PGR series petered out toward the end, it’s still a shame that Microsoft didn’t step in to save these guys.

Here’s to you, Bizarre. We’ll miss you.

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