The Heat Death Of The CityVille Universe – Strategies and Secrets!

Posted by on February 16, 2011 at 3:51 pm

You may be enjoying it now (or it may be sucking the life clean out of you), but eventually, like the universe itself, it has to run out of fuel. This is how it’s going to happen…

You’ll Reach Your Energy Limit – Energy dictates how many actions you can take, whether it’s collecting money from a restaurant or apartment , harvesting crops, or unloading ships for supplies. Eventually, you’re going to hit the 30 energy cap and this will signal the productive end of your time with the game. No matter what else you do, you’re still bound by your energy limit. Once you run out, your options convert to waiting for more energy to roll back in (nine times out of ten) and that waiting means that if you go for longer than two and a half hours (30 energy x 5 minutes to recharge each unit) without playing, you’re losing valuable management time. There are ways to get around this, primarily by visiting neighbors (which nets you 1 energy per visit) or by using batteries, but the former can only be excised once a day and the latter is a limited option (unless you purchase Cityville cash, of course…)

You’ll Max Out Your Infrastructure – Since you’ll only have 30 energy at any point, there’s no point in having more than 30 plots of farm, 30 housing structures, 30 freighters, or 30 restaurants. Population works differently because as you add more government buildings, which allows for more housing structures (even if you can’t collect rent every day) it speeds up traffic to your stores, meaning they’ll be faster to harvest. The problem there, of course, is that whether it takes five minutes or an hour for your 30 stores to prepare for cash out, you’ve wasted money building too many homes because you can’t possibly take advantage of the expedited traffic: from 0 energy, you can only cash out 12 stores an hour (again, one hour = 12 energy x 5 minutes).

At that rate, there’s no point in having more than 30 plots for farming at a time (unless you’re planning to mix it up with other things) primarily because you can’t harvest the plots before the vegetation spoils (in most cases). In my city, Terrantropolis, I have 60 plots of land and 30 freighters. If I’m starving for supplies, I set the ships to an 8 hour cruise, half the farm plots to a plant that takes a day, and the other half with wheat, which takes 2.1 days to grow and harvest them at their respective times.

You’ll also encounter a problem that your 30 stores and 30 apartments can be min-maxed. Aside from various quests that require you to get limited items that only spawn from certain buildings, there’s absolutely no point in having anything other than the best buildings. Why use one energy to harvest $200 from a humble bakery that the game had you build when you started when you can replace it with another store that’ll net you $800? Aside from the higher demands on your supply, there is no point. Why have a small house at 3×3 size with 20 population when you can replace it with a building that nets you 120 population in the same space? There’s no point. Optimize your infrastructure.

All The Unlocks You’re Getting Are Stupid or Stupidly Expensive – As you level up, you unlock more structures, but don’t let them deceive you. A higher-end store may net you twice as much money in the same period, but it may also cost ten times as much money to plant (or twice as much energy to construct). With your infrastructure maximized, and cash flow capped because of the energy limit, there’s no point in flushing out $2 million for a high-end store or apartment when it’s only saving you nine squares of space. That, or the unlocks are really dumb.

Money Becomes No Object – In reality, there’s no endgame for CityVille, you just keep laying down he same basic structures and those tacky rewards cost too much with little payout. By level 50+, you can’t begin to spend your money if your infrastructure is optimized. Sure, there are plenty of things you CAN spend money on, but little that you should.

Once you’ve realized all these points, it becomes clear that there’s no further you can go in this game. Now granted, Zygna may change up things a bit and raise the level cap, and you can spend more than enough time and money custom tailoring the city to be some beautiful utopia, but once it’s done, it’s done. Once you hit the wall, it’s only a grind from there on out, in which case I wish you all the best in your future CityVille adventures!

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  • Celestialmechanic

    Thanks.  My thoughts exactly.  At level 59, the game seems boring and pointless.  I was wondering what I was once so excited about and you’ve captured it.  Plus all the friends I recruited a month or so ago on neighbor sites have mostly quit.  I visit their cities for and their crops are all withered.  How many days in a row do I revive the same crops?  I feel sad abandoning my city but signing on a couple times a day to do the same routine — boring. And pointless.