Angry Birds One of the Most Profitable Games in History

Posted by on March 11, 2011 at 11:05 pm

Angry Birds is reportedly one of the most profitable games of all time.

Made for just $140,000, the smash hit has already generated an estimated $70 million, more than 500 times what it cost to make.

EEDAR analyst Jesse Dinvich told IndustryGamers: “The 140k was the development costs and given the marketing and auxiliary products (plush toys), the actual cost to maintain and operate the Angry Birds brand is certainly higher, but still, it is fair to say that Angry Birds is by far one of the most profitable games in history, relative to costs.”

DFC Intelligence’s analyst David Cole added: “Those simple games that become big hits are definitely the most profitable in the industry. Tetris is probably the biggest hit – it cost essentially zero to develop and continues to make money after 20+ years.”

Developer Rovio said this week that it intends to release Angry Birds for Facebook in May.


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