Angry Birds Rio Now Available On Amazon App Store For Android

Posted by on March 25, 2011 at 4:50 pm

And the full version is free as a bird.

See what I did there?

When you play the game, that pun will be even more of a groaner.

So here’s the deal. Our fine feathered friends put a serious hurting on the porcine pilferers who stole their eggs, launching themselves simultaneously at crates, stone blocks and planks and into fame and fortune. Now they have another problem, however.

It seems a nasty parrot of some variety has locked our angry avian pals in a box and flown them off to Brazil where, after being dropped in a warehouse, they made their escape and are now freeing tons of other birds from criminal captivity.

This, of course, is achieved by slingshotting our high-flying heroes at stacks of boxes, blocks, wood, etc…in an effort to break open the cages the beleaguered birds are being kept in.

The gameplay is the same tried and trued system as was used in the previous installments of the game but the graphics and sounds have been updated. It also seems the code has been optimized a bit because it runs blazing fast on my HTC Droid Incredible where the previous versions would stutter a bit from time to time.

Updates will be semi regular, as noted by the main screen which has slots for May, July, October and November of 2011 so we’re sure to be blessed with brand new bird bashing blowouts fairly often.

So if you’re looking for your fix of flying feathered freedom fighters, get on over to Amazon and get your download on.

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