Australians Are Pissed Off Over Rating System…CRIKEY!

Posted by on March 21, 2011 at 12:15 pm

Well, it looks like the Australian federal government is putting it’s foot down over the lack of a viable rating system for video games.

It seems that the Aussies don’t have a “mature” rating, as we know it, which has led to them being ridiculed by the gaming community for quite some time now, and they are tired of being the butt of jokes.

I mean…since when did the Australians ever do anything that should make them the butt of jokes?!

Hmmm…ok…there was that, but…

Yeah, ok, there was that, too but come on…that’s just a couple guys who aren’t right in the head. They don’t repres-


So maybe the Aussies have made some booboos in the past but it seems that this one isn’t really the fault of the people; rather it boils down to certain members of their government filibustering and keeping new ratings systems from passing.

Apparently, the way things work there is that in order to get a new system in place, it has to be agreed upon by the attorney generals of every Australian state and there have been a few who are putting the brakes on and stopping the process from happening.

One of those individuals was the A.G. for South Australia, Michael Atkinson, who stepped down about a year ago. While this was a step in the right direction, lobbyist groups exist who are also making things difficult, such as the Australian Christian Lobby who states it “does not accept the argument that introducing an R18+ category for games would protect children as it would be naive to think that children would not get a hold of them.”

Well…no shit…kids get mature rated games everywhere but in countries where there are appropriate ratings standards, it’s a little more difficult. Add to that the fact that a proper rating system can help parents to educate themselves about the games their kids are playing and you tend to get a bit more control in there.

In any case, the Australian Federal Gub’ment has stepped up and told the Standing Committee of Attorneys General that they have until July to either shit or get off the pot.

We’ll see how this thing goes. Hopefully it works out and the fine people of Australia can stop getting laughed at…

…about THAT, at least…

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  • Anonymous

    This is the same country that banned Project Gotham Racing 2.

    • And what was their reasoning behind this?

      • Anonymous

        I mentioned it on a previous podcast, but I supposed they believed their citizens were going to start driving all willy-nilly through Sydney after playing the game.