This Is The Most Awesome Game You Will Play Today

Posted by on March 29, 2011 at 11:26 pm

Did you ever play QWOP, one of the most difficult games ever created? Well, go ahead, try. We’ll wait. Then we’ll show you the (thankfully easier) follow up!

So now we’re at GIRP, a similarly bizarre four-letter title for an equally bizarre physics-oriented action/puzzle game. You play Twister with your keyboard as you must hold down key by key to help the awkwardly dressed climber ascend the cliff face all the while the water rises behind you. Using Shift, you flex, allowing you to grab hard-to-reach hooks. GIRP is infinitely more playable than QWOP was, but it’s still pretty punishing. It’s unfortunate that more quirky games like this don’t exist, not necessarily to infuriate, but to test the limits as to how a game can be played.

Now, back to the cliff face…

Source: GIRP

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