Michael B. Jordan To Lend Voice Talent To The Gears Of War Franchise

Posted by on April 24, 2011 at 9:30 am

The actor, best known as Vince Howard from Friday Night Lights will be the voice of Jace Stratton.

Jace, first seen in the Gears Of War comic book is a corporal with the Coalition of Ordered Governments who lost his entire family on Emergence Day. Michael B. Jordan is not a corporal with the C.O.G. and his family wasn’t around when Emergence Day happened.

Nonetheless, Mr. Jordan (not to be confused with the high-flying NBA Dunkster of the same name) IS a gamer and even went so far as to prepare for this role by reading the entire Wikipedia section on Gears. We aren’t certain yet how big a role Jace Stratton will play in Gears 3 but it was revealed on GameTrailers TV that he will be heard shouting such profound phrases as “I’m down!” and “Medic!”.

I suppose that’s ok as long as he doesn’t start waxing poetic about the rising prices of imulsion since the Pendulum Wars ended.

They think THAT’S bad, they oughtta see our gas prices these days…SHEESH!

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  • Anonymous

    He’s also a major character in Parenthood, so there.

    • Rob

      So I hear. I just didn’t have the required amount of care to do a whole bio :P

  • Kerr8tive

    so exciting seeing a new talent emerge