Rise of Nations Is The Best Real-Time Strategy Game Ever Made (EPIC VIDEO!)

Posted by on April 2, 2011 at 3:55 am

I don’t need to waste a lot of text explaining why, I already prepared a delectable video for your viewing pleasure after the break!

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  • Nail on the head. RoN seemed popular at the time, but never climbed anywhere close to Diablo, Starcraft, or even AoE levels. I’m 100% with you than RoN is the best RTS of all time, maybe not as complex as others, but the fun factor is off the chart. And you even threw in some Royksopp for good measure!

    There is not a more satisfying in modern gaming than ICBM’ing the entire map in RoN.

  • Anonymous

    I’d argue it’s more complex than other RTSes based on its economic battles alone. Your matches weren’t about getting specific unit types together in tight balls and going for it, it was about amassing huge groups and conquering cities, so much grander.