The Hunter – Game Update And Supplemental Review

Posted by on April 28, 2011 at 5:35 pm

So I’ve been playing this game for a while now and have had a chance to really get a feel for the mechanics and overall gameplay. As I said in my last review I am not, at all, a fan of “hunting games” so when I first got this game and tried it I was pretty skeptical going in to the experience.

What I learned was that this isn’t just another crappy hunting game, it’s more of a hunting SIM. You have to use real world hunting strategies and tools to get within firing distance of your quarry and, once there, you’re not going to be blasting away at a group of animals getting multiple kills and then waiting for a respawn. You’re going to get *1* kill (if you can aim, shoot straight and potentially track a wounded target) and then you’re going to move on.

Well, the fine folks at Expansive Worlds have just released a major update to the “game” which includes improved graphics, new areas and…

Wait for it…


Oh, yeah, that’s right…Bears. Smokey and Yogi and Boo-Boo and Whinnie, they’re all there just waiting to get dumped on for your hunting pleasure.

Rumor has it (ok, not rumor so much as some screen shots I stumbled across which have since been 86’ed from the internet) that they will also be releasing brown bears (zomg Kodiak grizzlies make me wet in the pants!) and moose in the near future.

I’ve also discovered the competitions portion of the game where you enroll and compete in contests to see who the superior hunter is. These can be anything from “Bag the highest scoring elk buck” to “the combined weight of the first 5 turkeys you blast will be your score” and placing in the top 3 will get you in-game money which can be used to buy new weapons, scent spray, animal calls, etc…

With all of the features I’d missed out on, the new release (as well as the upcoming releases) and the sheer fun of this hunting simulator, I’m going to update my previous score, which was already pretty good, and leave you all with a new game-play video…this time in proper HD without the borders.


Great graphics, awesome gameplay and a commitment to realism make this the ONLY hunting game I enjoy. I love it!

9/10 FleshEatingZipper

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  • Angie

    I used to play only regular PC games but when I discovered theHunter I rarely play them, ’cause this game is so realistic. You really feel and almost smell the woods, and hunting itself is not so easy as you might think, especially when you aim at big scores! It’s 10/10 for and I’ve played tones of PC Games in my life. Absolute “must play”