E3 2011 : Mass Effect 3 “N7 Collectors Edition” Explored, Compared

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Announcements at E3 2011 indicate that Mass Effect 3 will interact with Kinect on the Xbox 360 and that it will release on March 6, 2012. Further Announcements from BioWare and EA now reveal what will be included with the collectors edition of the final installment of the epic space action / RPG trilogy. How does it stack up against other collector’s sets?

The collectors edition, which will run you $79.99 will include a bunch of goodies. Check the list and image, below, for details.

  • Premium metal case featuring commemorative artwork of Commander Shepard.
  • 70-page hardbound art book featuring hundreds of unique and gorgeous illustrations from the BioWare development team.
  • Limited edition Mass Effect comic by Dark Horse Comics, complete with unique cover artwork.
  • Join the ranks of the N7 with the premium fabric N7 patch.
  • Exclusive 4×6 lithographic print featuring a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork.
  • A full collection of in-game content that can’t be found anywhere else!
  • N7 Arsenal Pack – Bring the firepower with the N7 Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, SMG, and Pistol.
  • Robotic Dog – A faithful sidekick to keep you company on board the Normandy.
  • Squadmate Alternate Outfit Pack – New appearances for your favorite squad members.
  • N7 Hoodie – For Commander Shepard’s casual days on board the Normandy.
  • Relive all the greatest moments of Mass Effect 3 with the digital soundtrack.
  • Xbox LIVE Normandy prop for your Avatar. (Available on Xbox 360 version only.)
  • Display your initiation in the N7 ranks with a collection of forum and social badges, avatars, and perks.


This C.E. looks like it has a lot of decent stuff with it but let’s look at some of the other collector’s editions which have come out and see how it stacks up.

The first one I want to look at is the ME2 C.E. This one included a making-of dvd, a hardcover art book, a metal case and a comic. At $10 cheaper than the ME3 C.E., it’s a pretty fair comparison. It looks like you’re going to get about the same stuff in any title, within that price range. The mid-range COD C.E.s the Halo C.E.s, etc…they all contain just about the same stuff. Art books, cd’s, making-of’s, a couple bonus outfits and some other in-game stuff.

Here’s what came with the ME 2 C.E. Comparable to the ME3 C.E.


What I want to know is why Bioware isn’t announcing a 3rd edition of the game. Let’s call it “The N7 Spectre’s Edition”. Now, we’ve seen that there is a collector item out there in the form of a model Normandy SR2…In fact, there’s more than one.


This is a carved, wooden sculpture of the SR2


This is an official model which will be available to the public later this year


So with more than one model available (yes I’m aware that one of them is 3rd party and probably would cost an arm and a testicle to mass produce) why are we not getting a 3rd sku with more goodies?


If we look at the history of high dollar collector’s skus, we can see that some of them have been pretty impressive…especially those of the COD franchise. I mean…Remote controlled cars and night-vision goggles? Action-figure sets? Master Chief helmets? Are you KIDDING ME?! With the knowledge that a good majority of those skus sell pretty well, I’m lost as to why BioWare isn’t jumping on the bandwagon with a $150.00 goodie-box.

The Prestige Edition of Modern Warfare 2 featured working Night Vision Goggles


The Call Of Duty : Black Ops Prestige Edition with remote controlled car


Here’s Halo 3’s Legendary Edition with slick-looking Spartan Helmet


And The Legendary Edition of Halo Reach


I don’t know about you guys but I wan’t some stuff…some swag…some tchotchkes…COME ON, BioWare, give us a third sku with a remote controlled, flying Normandy or a replica, remote controlled Mako or SOMETHING. Don’t just leave us hanging.


Do it…srsly.

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    The only thing that really interests me in the CE of games is the DLC.