E3 2011: New XCOM Trailer Arrives, Intrigues

Posted by on June 3, 2011 at 6:00 pm

Oh yeah, I’m one of those guys. To say I’m hesitant going into 2K Marin’s reimagining of my favorite game of all time would be an understatement. It’s not that I’m genuinely opposed to the reinvention, or the removal of the hyphen (X-COM is the classic term), or even the bizarre, geometric baddies. Nah, it was the fact that Marin was giving us yet another art-deco, 50’s era game after two Bioshock titles. Can we move on a little? (Or maybe it’s you fighting blobs, maybe that, too.)

We still don’t know a whole lot more about how the game really works, but the trailer emphasizes research, which was a cornerstone of the original X-COM titles. You battle enemies with your primitive, human firearms, capture their goods, then reverse-engineer them. Again, no knowing how deep the rabbit hole goes there, or even how complex the out-of-battle management aspects will be (this is a strategy game, after all) but I’m willing to throw Marin a bone.

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  • So much for tactical assaults against extraterrestrial invaders.

  • Lorri789

    Apocalypse was the best game ever