Eve Online Goes Bipedal With Incarna – Gameplay Video Included

Posted by on June 26, 2011 at 12:53 am

Ah, good old Eve Online. The sleeper hit MMO which came out years and years ago but is still rated in the top 5 of all MMORPG’s (World of Warcraft doesn’t even come close to Eve’s rating). This absolutely gorgeous game has flown under the radar for a very long time due, in large part, to the fact that you never got to see your character…At least not in his or her physical form.

That’s all changed, now.

In Eve Online you play the role of a “capsuleer”; a person who, through the use of cloning technology and memory transference is technically immortal. If you are killed your clone automatically activates along with all of its stored memories and skills and takes over for you. The thing is, you never got to see the character or any of the clones. All you ever got to see was whatever ship you had active and were flying around in. You never got to get out and walk around on space stations or ports or…anywhere…All you ever did was fly around.

That was a little on the lame side.

Well the folks at CCP (Crowd Control Productions), the company who created Eve Online, have seen fit to change all that with the release of their latest update of the game, known as “Incarna” in which you, the player, can FINALLY get out of your ship and walk around.

When you log in to the game after installing the update you will be sent through a character customization routine in which you will be able to change your character’s appearance. This is standard fare with the ability to change everything from the shape of your eyes to the angle of your nose to the amount of muscle in your legs as well as selecting clothing options.

At this point, the walking around part is restricted to a captain’s quarters and a catwalk which leads out to the docking bay where your ship is so you can look, in awe, at its majesty.

In the future, however, CCP states that the players will be able to move freely about the various (thousands of) space stations and will even be able to do things like buy, build, decorate and run bars and shops, take out contracts on and assassinate other players, run virtual offices for their corporations, including NPC recruiters and all kinds of other goodies.

Whether you like the idea of Eve growing legs, or not, one thing that can be said is that the update is pretty as can be. CCP has spent a lot of time working this out and getting it right, graphically and their efforts have paid off.

Check out the video, below, to see what I mean.

Yeah…that’s pretty hot. Pop on over to the Eve Online Website and give it a free download. I bet you’ll like it!

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  • Not bad. They also introduced micro transactions call NeX, which everyone in Eve is raging about.

  • Anonymous

    It seems kinda dopey to have to walk a virtual character to the edge of the platform to depart with your ship. (Or, at least it’s cool the first few dozen times you do it.) I guess there’s a shortcut so you can just hop right in?

    • There’s a hangar function on the desk in the cap’n’s quarters.  I’d assume there will be several scattered through the stations, as well.

  • I miss this game, but at the same time… Boy do I loathe some of the gameplay. I gave up on it long ago, and yet the visuals keep drawing me back in..