Nintendo Drops Price On 3DS To Spur Cool Sales. Interested?

Posted by on July 28, 2011 at 3:51 am

Nintendo had their fun. The Wii did great for a time until the limitations of the tech crept in (and Kinect/Move crept out), and their handhelds have traditionally done fine. Until recently. The 3DS debuted earlier this year to a $249.99 MSRP and cool sales. There are any number of variables involved, but Nintendo’s bringing out a drastic price cut to spur sales of their next-gen handheld.

Beginning August 28th, Nintendo is marking the handheld down to $169.99. I personally own a DS Lite, but I just can’t see me jumping on for this one. Why?

3D ain’t selling me. Yes, you can turn it off, I get it. I wonder if Nintendo will skip the silly thing with their next handheld now that the whole thing is dying down.

My DS games will look ugly on it.

Nintendo handhelds are an evolutionary dead end. Sure, it’s $169.99 for the hardware, but with the accessories and new games that actually support the hardware? Sure, they can upload photos to Facebook via the crummy cameras, but Nintendo’s DSiWare store and “app” selection” are poor. It’s like a third-world cell phone with decent games. No dice.

Still, they’ll probably sell like gangbusters through the holiday, which will put continued pressure on Sony’s new hardware, which also suffers from the ‘last of a dying species’ fault. When will Nintendo and Sony just make decent phones and join the rest of us in the present, like Microsoft has?

Source: VentureBeat

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