Minecraft – Revisited [UPDATED WITH VIDEO]

Posted by on August 17, 2011 at 7:32 pm

Some time ago, we talked about Minecraft, (Ok, we’ve talked about it a bunch of times but it’s been a while) and how its 8-bit charm is…well…charming.

Back then, the game was pretty limited. The things one could create, the usefulness of the various created objects, etc…It was pretty much mine and build and mine and build and kill a spider and mine and build. These days, though, the world of Minecraft is much bigger and much bolder than it was in those days.

We’ve spent a lot of time mining.

We’ve spent a lot of time building.

We’ve spent a lot of time experimenting and let me tell you…the things we can do with minecraft are getting pretty impressive. From building gates that will transport you to “the nether” – a world of fire, lava and ghastly creatures – to complex systems of pistons, “wires” and relays, which can act as everything from doorways to elevators to automated farming machines (as seen in the title image), the things one can now create are myriad and disparate.

This, my friends, is a very good thing indeed.

We’ve worked out a nice little town with a HUGE cathedral, homes for everyone, a research center where I try new and interesting ways of blowing everything up, underground facilities, a rail system…lots of stuff. We’ve wandered all over the virtual world, from desert to tundra, fishing, hunting, getting attacked by wolves. We’ve all died in screaming agony, burning to death in pools of lava whilst mining obsidian. We’ve all had a hell of a time.

It’s funny that, in today’s society of photo-realistic graphics, high definition imagery and 3D films a game with 8-bit style graphics and super-simplistic gameplay can be so captivated but let me assure you…we’re captivated.

If you have yet to check out Minecraft, give it a look. You’re already behind the curve and it would do you well to catch up with the rest of the 21st century. Get to it!

Check out the images below.

We’ve got COWS!
The FEZtine Chapel
Michelangelo ain’t got nothin’ on FEZ
Large-scale wheat operation
An obsidian gate to the nether
And the nether itself. A wholly inhospitable place, I assure you, but FULL of goodies!

Yeah, that’s right, I know you want to play, now. Head your ass on over to and get the game.

You KNOW you want to…

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