Battlefield 3 – Xbox 360 Open Beta Impressions

Posted by on September 30, 2011 at 10:00 am

It looks like Electronic Arts is tired of letting Activision hold the monopoly on holiday blockbuster military shooters. It’s not that their Battlefield series has done poorly, it’s sold millions of copies, but it’s also not quite the household name that Call of Duty is. Battlefield 3 marks the franchise’s first major iteration in years and while it’s been primarily PC-based, EA wants to bring the experience to the consoles in a big way as it had previously brought the narrative-driven Bad Company games to that table. As someone who played plenty of 1942 (with Desert Combat) and Battlefield 2, I do have some faith in DICE’s abilities to satisfy. Today the public (read: not merely people who pre-ordered at <specific retailer> and got a code) were given a small slice of the game’s multiplayer mode ahead of its October 25th release date. So how was it?

Yeah, so that was my first twenty minutes with the Battlefield 3 beta, waiting in the wings for my opportunity to access the game. It did finally let up and I was able to get into some Quick Matches. The beta features a single map (Operation Metro) and a single asymmetrical game mode called Rush in which attackers must push down the opposition to complete various objectives. If you’ve played a class-based military shooter before, you’re not going to be lost, but there are some subtle differences between this and Call of Duty.

For one thing, this is not that fast-paced game, this is a more methodical shooter. The game also doesn’t have the graphical polish that those games have, primarily because the maps are massive. If you took two or three Modern Warfare maps and laid them side by side, you’d have one of these. As a result, Battlefield 3 never feels particularly polished, in fact outdoor sections reminded me of original Xbox games because the aliasing was so awful in spots. The menus feature the obligatory color separation from time to time that is beginning to annoy the living crap out of me. The controls also weren’t quite responsive enough in some instances: crouching (clicking in the right stick) wouldn’t work from time to time and Kelly commented that his left trigger/zoom view would get stuck occasionally . I understand it’s a “beta”, but being a month from release, this is stuff that shouldn’t be popping up anymore.

A common view :(

In Operation Metro here, you start off in a wide open park and attack or defend a pair of rocket launchers. The fight continues through a subway and then out the other end in a plaza. As you complete (or fail) each segment, you get a few spawn options. People out in the field will automatically become squad leaders and you can opt to spawn with them, the disadvantage being that if they happen to be in a firefight, you’re just gonna get spawn killed repeatedly, otherwise you can choose the level’s default location. As you dispatch enemy combatants and complete objectives, you gain experience and rank up and unlock weapon perks based on the guns and class you use and… again, this should all be very familiar if you’ve played Activision’s titanic gun shooting extravaganza.

The game doesn’t really do a great job communicating your objectives, requiring you to rely on those map icons and floating markers. Sure, plenty of game time will let you memorize where everything’s at, but the learning curve involves an incredibly disorienting first hour as you gain your footing while being sniped at from a variety of angles, afforded by the level’s large real estate. All that said, the game does slip into ‘super fun’ mode often enough to invite you back. And while it’s not going to outsell Call of Duty by any means (and it’ll definitely be better on PC), it’ll be a neat distraction that, like their other Battlefield titles and the recent Medal of Honor, doesn’t seem planted enough to steal the throne.

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  • Bob

    This article is written from the perspective of a MW fanboy.  You should try to be more subjective.

    • melvinhascrabs

      Your comment is written from the perspective of a BF fanboy. You should really care less about this article then. Also have you played the beta? It sucks hella ass, I cancelled my preorder during lunch. No way am I paying $60 for a game that is a total mess.

      • DoctorlyJkurz

        im a MOH fan, so im leanin toward b3f not cod. i will miss those cruise missles tho…..

      • Yourmom

        you sir are an idiot

      • Zerrchris

        You also have to understand it is a Beta test. It isn’t going to be that great. You play one level one mission no vehicles and you say the game sucks? You haven’t yet to try the campaign or test any of the new rides. 

        • Contradictorynawarenessfail

          same thing what Battlefield fanboys are saying to Call of Duty fanboys after E3 and XP. 

          • ????

            maybe, but its true, it was only an old version of the alpha, they already sorted out the bugs, besides i’m buying both games.

      • obviously

        lol you cancelled your pre-order because a BETA had problems? haha yer funny.

        • Jdbasquez1

          haha its like  20 days before release and there is a shit ton a glitches fuck this game im out of here ill wait and if they manage to clean it up ill think about getting it  

          • Jdbasquez1

            oh hey looks 1000X better on pc + it looked like there was hardly any glitches…  i think if you get it for console you’re fucked 

          • Vfwman56
          • Vfwman56

            read this before you jump to conclusions.

          • Contradictorynawarenessfail

            Any developer would say that

          • Shadowman

            PRE ALPHA GAMEPLAY was the beta! they threw the old version to us and already sorted out the bugs for the game, you don’t just judge on the beta on the full game.

      • Gluepaste

        That sir is because your a retard.. Its a beta for a reason, not finished, trying to find glitches etc so they can fix before releasing, this is nkt the finished product y any means, anyways anyone who says mw3 will outsell or be better then this has no idea, itll be the same old fun fast pace game as previous mw games are! They are both good games and both completely different shooters!!

        • Khalil

          lol mate if there is only 25 or so days till release, i really doubt that they will re edit the game, improve it, then print discs or whatever, then send it worldwide. Shops usually get the game like a week early, i doubt battlefield makers can 
          do all that and then ship it worldwide to get it in stores on time.
          i dont know much about how they would go along with the process but from my limited point of view i really dont think they will have enough time to do all those things. i mean i dont know, they probably work differently, but hey, how many other ways are there.
          i have played the beta, i admit it deserves to be and is a better game then cod but im still getting cod because it suits my style (not camping) but run n gun. Im not a fanboy i know battlefield is better, and i have been playing better at it then cod, but for me i like to jump into a game, have crazy fun, killing, n then go off the ps3. N then jump back on again, u have to be a dedicated gamer to play battlefield, looks much better on pc, ps3 from what i have played is pretty glitchy, hope they fix it, pre ordered cod, im gonna wait for B3’s reviews before i get it though.

          • Bodie293

            you do know it was the old version of alpha on the beta? 

      • meh

        Okay for one, the beta for the consoles are more like the alpha with the pc version having less amounts of bugs.

        And have you seen the graphics?! they are amazing for a huge mapped fps, you shouldn’t of cancelled your preorder because once the talk starts going around you will understand how much better it’s become from that one map with half the appeal missing.

      • I lean more towards CoD and I played the beta. I’m definitely going to buy the game, maybe not right as it comes out but I am buying it because this is only the beta, things like  falling through the ground should be fixed either before release or with an early patch. It was also only one map and game mode of multiplayer, i’m fairly sure the full game won’t make it worse.

      • shadow

        the beta is PRE-ALPHA gamplay, its so old now, they already sorted out the bugs for the game, they just thrown the old version to us, so don’t judge yet on bf3 or mw3 just because of the beta ok melvin, at least buy it and if you don’t like it, bring it back and use the money for mw3. understand?

      • Clay

        I agree. The game. is terrible. The single player sucks and is totally uninteresting. The multiplayer? What multiplayer? I’ve had the game 3 days and I can rarely even get on!!!! WTF? Multiplayer is why people buy the game. I couldn’t even access the servers the first day! This may be the worst game launch I’m very ever seen.I bought two copies of this shit. I was suckered by magazine hype. I don’t know what game they were playing. 1.5 GB of memory for HD??? The foliage looks like crape, like a gamesix years old (I know, I play older games quite a bit). You can hardly see the enemy and after running five minutes across the map cause I can’t get in a squad I’m sniped and back to square one. Total crp!!! I’m sorry I wasted my money

    • I’ll tell you he’s not. I’ve never seen him play COD. He is even talking about how much he loved the other Battlefield games. Why don’t you read the fucking article before you comment. The entire thing is saying there is a lot of work that needs to be done to make the multiplayer really playable and that it’s amazing it can all get done in less than a week.

      • Jerjax

        Chill out, hubby.

        Editor note: Oh, we can totally hook up later big boy.

    • Don’t you mean “objective”?

      • Don’t pick on the slow kids.  Shame on you!

    • Alex

      And you’re a Battlefield fanboy. What’s your point? I for one completely agree with this, and I hate Modern Warfare. The beta looks bad, the hype for the “graphical enhancements” on this game made this a total disappointment. But then again, it is a beta. Maybe the true release will be better.

    • Arsenal_forever

      All my friends and I have played the BF3 beta and we all cancelled our preorder’s and got MW3 instead. It’s just simply a more polished game.

  • Anonymous

    It’s un-godly to play BF on a console.
    Not right.

    • Hello

      In PC is the same thing. :/

  • Aaron

    Very biased.

  • Solidus_player

    I played the beta and honestly I was not impressed at all. I had no idea what the hell was going on. I couldn’t tell my teamates from the people I was suppose to kill. Whenever  someone was shooting at me I had no idea where they were or where they were shooting from.

    and Please don’t start calling me a MW fanboy. I don’t even like Call of Duty. Infact, I have had enough of these military shooters with 6 hour single player campaigns. I’ll stick with Gears of War 3 thank you very much.

    • Exactly, I couldn’t tell what was going on either. I’m sure this will be fixed before launch though.

    • Wuwuwuw

      Just because you can’t figure out how to play it doesn’t mean it’s bad. Quit sucking.

      • Anonymous

        That’s true, that doesn’t mean it’s bad. The piss-poor hit detection and mountain of glitches means it’s bad. Those people that are saying “It’s just the beta!” Yes it is. It is also only a month before release, these are issues that should not be in the game. The Killzone 3 beta was solid, it didn’t have you clipping through the ground any time you tried to go prone on some grass. I was really hoping this game would blow MW3 out of the water. CoD is so overdone and burnt out now, we need something new.


      couldnt agree more. very hard to see other shooters.

  • Jameswigley97

    hey pissed999 go screw yourself consoles are better at gaming then a computer will ever be you retard

    • NapalM

      Now this is funny.

    • Mikefermin

      It’s funny you say that. A while ago Microsoft actually did a study to see how well the PC and Xbox would mesh in cross platform multiplayer. Their conclusion? PC users would have an unfair advantage over the consoles due to the keyboard and mouse being superior to your standard console controller.

    • Mikefermin

      Also let’s not forget that the Xbox/PS3 are running on 5 year old technology. There are laptops that have better capabilities than the current generation of consoles.

      • Um people…this article is a 360 review, not a d_ck measuring contest between your apple 2s. Yes, BF3 will be FAR better on PC. We know this already captain obvious! Why do pc gamers always have to chime in about how much better their wares are? Insecure much? Trying to justify that $900 graphics card? sigh…I have all three platforms (pc, 360, ps3) and couldnt be happier. The fact is all three have a place in the modern home and for entertainment. Your redundant argumentative spiel reminds me of a child saying “my dad can beat up your dad”. Sigh…If you dont have anything nice to say…

        • Zeroxnero

          I’m personally tired of hearing this bs that computers cost $3,000 to play these games with a $900 video card.  My computer costed me a total of $900 and I play this game on max graphics(not ultra cuz I don’t have the $300 video card).

          Keyboard and mouse is far superior because of complete true aim versus mechanics to help with aim on consoles(do research).  My computer is top of the line besides my video card.  I could go get one online for $300, pop it in myself and be fine for another 2-3 years.  Unlike your consoles unfortunately, you can’t just upgrade your rig.  And if you do you and fk it up you can’t send it back to the manufacturer…we can.

          • Johnamir

            You just proved his point bitch =/

          • Thatkidfromnj

            But the point is that when you buy/build a $900 dollar pc you’re not just getting it to play games. Which is something that people somehow overlook just so they can prove their points. Add in the fact that the majority of games on pc have these little things called MODS which can extend the replay ability of some games to a level that people who play console players could only dream about. As a disclaimer I have all the consoles and a gaming rig and I enjoy them all but when it comes to sheer versatility the PC wins out every time. A good (but not the only by a long shot) example of a game being way more fun to play is fallout 3 and the half life 2 source engine. The amount of mods these games are staggering. Many of which completely alter or in some cases bassically create a new game. I played fallout 3 for 100 hours before I even thought about messing with the mods then I played for 100 more:) I’ve still yet to scratch the surface of that the amount of content available for that game. But yes if you all want to make these stupid comparisons about how you need to spend 3 grand to build a gaming rig that could play these games at max setting go ahead, Mine was 1200 and I can play most games at max settings or damn close to it and I built it about 4 years ago. I also do lots of other stuff with my pc like most people and it’s not a dedicated video game console. Thats the freaking point. 

    • Gamblor


      Some games are better with a pad, I’ll give you that, but given that I can plug my 360 pad into the pc, and have it intigrade seamlessly with controls and ingame commends, theirs literally no benefit for a console

    • obvious

      young teen who has never played on a good PC? i think so…

    • anointed one

      you are an idiot

    • 22daLIVER

      You’re an idiot, end of argument!

  • Jameswigley97

    its un godly are blind to se the truth or do you jus have brain damage

    • Gogogo

      More like you have brain damage because you can’t spell for shit.

  • hybird9012

    Yeah I’m not a fan of the dying common screen (where the hand reaches to the air).. It got really old after .. well pretty much after every time I saw it. Also, the whole upgrading weapons based on teams is ridiculous. I worked my butt off on one team and was disheartened to see that I couldn’t access my upgrades once I switched sides.

    Other than that I think it’s a fun game.. and they should fix the intermittent  problem of sprinting not working.

  • CHOKENuts

    you know the point of a beta is to test servers right? of course the engine isnt going to be at its full potential. i would say its not anything like cod. this game actually takes skill. you either kill or be killed. i love this BETA. i was raping cod kids ass all night long. they need to stick with that. they dont know how to shoot for shit and thats what cod has tought them. nothiing. cod is the biggest waste of time. looking back and noticing how much time i spent on that game makes me feel ashamed of myself. but battlefield, theres a goddamn purpose. not just running around a map 10 times with that arcade run and gun gameplay. cod is a pointless game to me.

    • Anonymous

      A beta should also accurately reflect the experience customers will spend $59.99 on at retail. Niggling technical flaws like these should be ironed out by now. I like objective-based maps/games that aren’t merely ‘killing loops’ myself, so that’s what excites me most about Bf3.

      • Adam290390

        That’s a demo your thinking of.

        • Actually, when companies release public betas, half of the point is to generate hype.  Don’t kid yourself into thinking they can’t load test without a public beta.

          That being said, when a company releases a public beta, they usually do so with most gameplay features and graphics in a release state…again, to generate hype.

          Think about it.

    • Sorry bro, but with the release this close, the fact the server issues were so widespread only indicates a lack of preparation on their part. Not to mention, this build is pretty close to the final version, if not the same build. I was not impressed. Obviously, pc is the only way to go with this game. I DO however agree that BF takes patience and strategy, unlike the run and gun fragfest that is MW.

      • Zeroxnero

        The producers have commented saying this is not the final build(except for people on Caspian Beta servers) apparently.  I am a little taken back from some of the bugs, but being a programmer myself, many of these issues are simply fixable in a couple weeks.  As for some of the larger issues I have “heard” on the consoles, I’m sure they will put more priority on you guys versus us PC guys.  We can get a huge patch on release day for all they care.  They want your console versions to be pristine as possible.

  • Canceled my preorder after playing the beta. Sad, as I had high hopes for this one…

    • Migoya68

      Idiot don’t do that couse this is only a demo and is not the complet game

    • Dat8aint

      I’m thinking of cancelling my preorder of BF3 as well after I played the Beta last night. Anyone play the Crysis 2 xbox beta when it came out? Did the final build of the game look much better than the beta, both graphically and performance wise? Wondering if the same can be assumed here for BF3. If so, I may hold on to my preorder.

      • Fuckyou

        you must suck

    • Bargain bin ;)


    I love how fanboys read a negative comment about their obsession and immediately start screaming FANBOY!

    Of course, we know that the second we “down” anything, it’s going to become a huge mess but we really don’t care because we’re here to be honest.  Fanboys will cry, until their eyes run dry but that won’t change what we report on.

    (Also, Nick doesn’t care for COD so…fail)

  • The game mechanics are sub-par, unresponsive and glitchy. The graphics are very bad for an Xbox 360 title, notably very poor aliasing ( “jaggies” ) and washed out textures. The objective isn’t very clear, you feel lost for the first 30 minutes or so of game play. Seeing as how this is the third iteration of the game you’d think the aforementioned things would be polished and shiny by now. It feels very rushed, even for a Beta. I played the Beta for about an hour and a half and quickly grew tired of it. I’ll wait till it hits the bargain bin and then pick it up. Unless of course there’s a miracle and all this is fixed with the final release…

    • Jahn3tic

      I completely agree. I played this on the PC last night. The movement, aiming, and shooting mechanics are not precise at all. And yes the graphics even on my uber PC were an ugly, washed out, mess. I will admit to loving MW2 because it has totally rock-solid controls and precise mechanics that provide 100% consistent gameplay.

      My 2 hours with BF3 were far from that…and before you accuse me, let me say I was TOP of my team several times in BF3. I just wish BF3 had the engine of MW combined with the teamplay mechanics of BF. Sigh…I’ll keep playing the beta since it’s free. And free is about how much this game is worth.

    • well known stranger

      I don’t know why people are slagging this game off just by playing a beta that is an early build and they have already fixed these bugs in the final product already. they just can’t release a newer build of the beta for some legal reason. I have clocked up 13 hours already and I think the game is great. It is fast paced smooth and I like the shooting mech it actually feels rewarding having to actually aim at someone and use your brain in battle. even with all the glitches on this build I think its great and as for the xbox version( that’s what I play) the graphics are very good considering it is not even being played on a disc which would improve the graphics and textures. I just can’t get my head round that people think after all the years, all the marketing and money they have spent. They would release a game with all these glitches and problems don’t be stupid of course the game will be fixed and looking great. and what is it with people being confused for the first half of the match it is war go kill some people and blowup the m com stations or defend its simple stuff.

  • Anonymous

    Crossing my fingers for BF3 coming to OnLive!

    • Djwarfield

      I second that


    im a huge BF fan and i dont think BF3 is all that great. Yes it is a beta but with less then 25 days to fix all the things wrong with it. I think there better off pushing it back I played the beta prob. for an hour or so and couldnt take it anymore and went right back to BFBC2. i have been looking forward to this game for a long time i want to see them do it right.

    • Djwarfield

      Since I found out COD is ruining Spec-ops and making it yet another pointless, endless wave after wave of enemies I turned toward BF3.  I’m a little disappointed by this BETA after being excited about this game for a long time.  I understand its a BETA and it could possibly be an early build of it, but having come out with it so close to it’s launch they would of probably been better off not coming out with it at all.

      • Schintgen85

        Just FYI, there will be an objective based spec ops, like MW2, as well as the horde mode. Hardly ruined, just expanded…

        • Guest

          oh ok….good to know.  Thanks for the heads up

      • Jah3netic

        Totally agree. I was amazed at the low quality of this beta. Better to not release a beta at all. There were even basic issues like clipping through the ground. Am I to really believe they never encountered this obvious error before?

    • Joe

      I agree I would rather have it delayed and done right then have it half-baked in 24 days. :]

  • Lccburk

    I played the xbox beta. I thought it was fantastic. It was unfortunate that the map was infantry only, because bf has the best vehicles of any videogame series. I experienced very little lag, but occasionally I did get the “stuck button” issue a few times, which was annoying. This guy is clearly blind if he thinks thinks cod has better graphics. While the graphics were not nearly as good as the PC version, they were as good or better than any other console game. And twice as good as cod. If you’ve played any battlefield, you’ll feel right at home with the gameplay, which is spectacular.

    • Jahn3tic

      Graphics as good or better as any other console game? That’s just wrong. There are countless more polished, higher polygon, crisper texture games out, that is obvious. BF3 beta graphics are bland, low-res, and washed out, even on PC. From both a technical and artistic standpoint, BF3 isn’t quality graphics.

    • Bf3betasucks

      I cancelled my pre-order because of the beta. I don’t see how they can fix all the problems in less than a month. I’m not looking forward to MW3 either…heh I’m just gonna stick with Black Ops for the moment and then SKYRIM! <— You don't need to play the beta to tell whether it's going to be good or no.

      • 22daLIVER

        Sooooooo glad you and all the others before you canceled… wasn’t looking forward to playing with you either… WAAAAAAAAHHH Oh by the way, when was the last time you played a good game that didn’t have a patch after the original release?

    • Sanhedrin

      “because bf has the best vehicles of any videogame series.”

      Clearly, you’ve never played Operation Flashpoint/ArmA. I’m sorry you missed out.

  • Smeritt86

     Te beta graphics on consoles suck…and the mini map in the game is downright awful….hes right….call of duty is simply a tighter more polished shooter.

    • Jahn3tic

      Agreed, “Tighter and more polished” is a perfect description of CoD vs BF. That’s a shame. I like the teamplay concepts of BF. Too bad the execution is so poor.

    • Arsenalftw

      I was getting my hopes up for battlefield this year…let me down. Unless they fix all these problems (there’s so many). You’re right, “simply a tighter more polished shooter”.

  • George

    PC fanboys get mad that the pc market dwindles more and more each year with strategy titles and mmo’s keeping the pc alive. Consoles is where the money is…except mmo’s…that’ll change soon too. Publishers flat out care more about console consumers….why?…..hmmm……..because pc sales are very unflattering and console gamers outnumber pc gamers nearly 100 to 1.

    • Guest

      i didnt know this was a PC VS. CONSOLE article…..huh…weird

    • Nobody

      Playing on consoles is like eating at Mc Donalds or other shitty Fastfood Restaurants, but hey just like the people who eat at those shitholes you are also going to pay for it sooner than later.

      • If we’re going to turn this into a PC VS Console thing, I’m going to have to interject and say that I have both.  I play on both.  I love both.  They both have their place and they both have their strengths and weaknesses.  Some games and genres are better on one than on the other.  Anyone who says any different is nothing but a fanboy.

        • 22daLIVER

          Very true, I also have multiple platforms (ps3, pc, 360) and enjoy them (not xbox as much anymore).

      • nator

        i played both pc max settings and ps3 they both suck they are about equal graphics ok just the lighting is brighter i thought like u there wouldbe huge different or else i wouldnt have bought a 2000 dollar pc what a waste of my money so stfu th game sucks 95 percent of people are campers with their fucking snipers no teamwork what so ever 

  • fuzz

    So what ive read so far with the comments are?

    1. AA sucks.

    Well of course it sucks, youre on an xbox 360.  Sorry, but CoD graphics have changed MINIMALLY in the past few series and thats why they still look “good”.  BRB buying MW3 which looks exactly like MW2.

    2. Glitchy

    Of course its glitchy, its a beta.  And no, for all you people who feel like the BETA should be as close to the final product as possible, it isnt.  BETA has almost always been to get feedback on what to improve on before the release is out.  How did CoD:BO beta go?  Oh, wait, they didnt have one.  They released a BETA product.

    3. Dont know what to do

    Your fault.  You get in game for the first time on a map youve never played & a game youve never played and yet you expect someone to hold your hand and teach you the objectives?  This isnt some tutorial, this is MP gameplay.  Figure it out yourself like EVERYONE else does.  You cant tell friend from foe?  Well, you sir, are an idiot and should quit playing FPS all together.

    And for anyone who thinks im a BF fanboy, id say “LOL”.  I played COD4 & BO at one of the highest competitive league levels.  MW2 didnt get dedicated servers so that was out of the question.  I am sick and tired of COD’s bs releases and their money grubbing.  Oh hey lets offer COD:ELITE for $50 a year which does absolutely everything a game should already do.  And lets hold off on releasing maps that weve developed so we can release them later as DLC and take everyones money!

    Will i buy MW3? Definitely wont preorder it or buy it at full retail.  If its proven to be an upgrade and something new over what has been released, then yes.

    BF3 offers something new and exciting.  Its more methodical in your approach to how you play the game, the gameplay physics are different and the graphics are 20x better (for those who have rigs to actually run and appreciate them).

    You cancelled your preoder of BF3, no one cares.  Chances are youd be deadweight anyways.  Go back to playing WoW


    • Dat8aint

      So can anyone comment about an EA title where the final build vs beta did see graphical and performance improvements? Most recent from EA was crysis 2. Anyone?

      • fuzz

        I played C2 on first release, but stopped playing it cause i got bored.  They released the DX11 patch, which i DLed, but i never got around to finishing the campaign (which i had planned to, and still do, on DX11) D:

        Might want to check the mycrisis forum, but its been awhile since the DX11 patch came out (i think before summer?) so it might be a really old post, or you could just a start a thread on it


      • Guest

        especially since its only a few weeks away from the final product.  I would believe we would see significant improvements if the release date was still a few months away.  But seeing how its not there may just be small improvements in a patch via an update on day one of launch.  Which may be enough…..who knows

        • Dat8aint

          I guess that makes sense. Also, since this was a port from the PC, that’s probably why there’s a lot of aliaising issues. Bad Company 2 was strictly made for the consoles so it’s probably better looking than BF3.

    • Guest

      You sir is completely right!!!! someone that is actually thinking. and no im not a fanboy in fact i have never owned a BF game, and i have played and owned cod4 (one of the best games I’ve ever played), mw2, bo, cod2, so yes i do like COD but it is true all they care about is the money (there’s nothing wrong with that but when they know that ppl would still pay even if they release the same exact game just different maps  just because it has COD on it that’s just messed up) and that’s it cause they haven’t really done any changes to the game MW3 looks exactly the same as the other two MW I don’t think they even tried to improve the graphics which is sad. BF3 it’s a beta that’s the point of a beta to see whats wrong with it and what they can improve, yes the beta has a lot of flaws but the gameplay it’s a lot of fun really looking forward to it.

    • Jahn3tic

      1. Sorry to say graphics stink even on PC. Not only do the graphics look washed out and low-res, but the game performs poorly even on i7 2500k OC’d to 4.5Ghz with GeForce 480 card.

      The reason is because the Frostbyte engine just isn’t as good as the modified Quake3/Infinity Ward engine CoD uses. Face it, John Carmack and Infinity Ward created one of the most stable, powerful, and efficient engines ever. DICE just can’t compete.

      2. Glitches are ok, but not obvious ones that should have been fixed ages ago in the alpha stage. Plus, the game will go to cert very soon for consoles…chances of bugs being fixed is very small.

      3. BF has never been user-friendly. They’ve never bothered to help new players learn. That’s bad design. But regardless, the main issues arise from the bad engine and gameplay mechanics. Even once you learn how to play and start being in the top 5 players, the game is still a mess.

      • fuzz

        1.  Thats funny cause it looks amazing on my i7 930 4.0ghz and dual 465s and every other CoD fanatic that ive played with has agreed that the game looks beautiful.

        The only time ive been this impressed was when playing Crysis.  COD never “wow’ed” me at all.  I bet its stable because it doesnt need much power to run at all.  My dual 8700s would run COD4 at 250fps stable.  You really cant compare COD engine at all since they never (in my opinion) were even close to a game with #1 graphics.  It was all about gameplayablity

        2. Main glitches that need to be fixed are when people are able to hide inside textures (ground/rocks).  Other ones like, ADS not working should be fixed easily.

        3.  Why should they help new players learn?  Its the same concept for every FPS game.  Shoot the enemy before he shoots you.  You learn the map by CONSTANTLY playing it.  You learn the gameplay mechancs by CONSTANTLY playing.  No one will ever learn the game if they dont play enough.  As i said, this isnt a tutorial, and no one should expect to be babysat.

        If people cant and dont want to learn how to play a new game, then they shouldnt be posting.


    • Fuzz is an Idiot

      Wow i’ve seen your constant crying and bitching all the way through the forums; you are a Butt hurt battlefield fanboy, nothing more… You defend it like you probably defend your fridge you fat idiot… MW3 is an upgrade to MW2??? You’re so dumb… It’s the same engine ( Well DONE ) but its been tweaked to make it better. And before you reply… You come back defending Battlefield you will only prove my point. You PC players are a dying breed so just get over it, cant wait to see PC die; it’ll stop dip shits like you being a keyboard warrior. Have a good life NERD :)

  • Thisarticlesucks

    This is terribly biased, and no, I’m not a Battlefield fan boy, in fact I’m a big fan of COD. But anyone who doesn’t see the end of COD coming needs to open their eyes. It’s primitive gameplay. This article is biased because it says absolutely NOTHING good about the game, it only rips on it. If it was unbiased, it would have mentioned the insane graphics, gameplay, and next gen atmosphere. COD cowers in comparison, with the same primitive gameplay, graphics, and toy-like guns.

    • you sir are an idiot

      ummm … the graphics are not that good… I agree with the author that the sheer size of the map and everything they tried to implement in it detracts from a polished feel.  Walk up to a bush, it is just as polygonal as an original Xbox game.  

      • fuzz

        Oh no, bushes leaves are polygonal rather than round!  GAME GETS AN “F” IN THE GRAPHICS DEPARTMENT!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Biased? Toward what?

      • Retards

        Biased towards whatever they think is better than Battlefield 3. I’m assuming, Call of Duty. BETA=BUGGY, PURPOSE OF BETA=FIX BUGS, PERSON JUDGING GAME OFF OF BUGS THAT WILL BE FIXED AND NOTHING ELSE=…retard?

        • So, I’m guessing you saw the part where we said the author of this article doesn’t care for Modern Warfare, then deleted what you were going to write and just made it “you’re biased in favor of anything else” as a cop out.  

          Well, I think Monopoly is better than Viva Pinata so I guess I’m biased against paper mache, right?

          Fanboys make me lol.  


          • 666


          • Oh, come on.  Is that the best you can come up with?  “GAY”?  I’d expect better from a 12 year old on XBL.

  • Anonymous

    Hey guys, just to let you know we do have a forum to carry out some further conversation! A quick register and you’re done, would love to go at this a little further! GO! GO! GO!

  • Will

    Personally I could care less what anyone here thinks, theres still going to be the tight knit group of people playing battlefield 3 at the end of the day, either way….Thats what attracted me to the series, it seems too be a type of game you either like or dont like…Personally I dont want battlefield 3 too be the victor over it and MW3 cause I want too be involved in something thats original and doesn’t forget where it got its sucess, or become a corporate sell out, My point being this, MW3 players want this game too be like MW3 and it wont, Im a battlefield 3 veteran so I didnt see any of these problems that I believe too be small details pulled out of thin air too make a argument too percieve there point of view of being right, also known as being biased. Also this if you can’t tell whos friend and foe why are you u playing shooters? In the beta I noticed easily the difference between the two. And you didnt know the objective…Come on am I the only one in this article that noticed at the beggining of the match “OBjective:Destroy the MCom stations” and the clearly distinguished role of attacker and deffender?, In summary all this article is, is a quick run through of 5 minutes off gameplay by a person who didnt care too notice the finer details, pay attention too game objectives, and being selective on what bugs they wanted too see, Something i would compare to skimming through a book and asking yourself what was the plot for this novel?

  • hahaha ive been hearing the same issues from my friends who love battlefield. too bad it will never be like mw3. noobs.

    • fuzz

      Youre right.  Its already better

  • its funny to see all the BF fanboys crying because the game isnt as good as it was hyped up to be.

    • Aaa

      but i have to say, despite the bugs, the gameplay and graphics were freaking insane on battlefield. i hope they iron out he problems before launch. i dont think im getting mw3, im tired of the stale gameplay and especially stale graphics. falling through the ground in the beta is annoying though :O

    • 666

      kill yourself jackie chin

  • Arsenal_FC

    So you’re saying…it sucks? Couldn’t agree more.

    • Samuel

      second that

    • Bob

      BF3 really let me down..and NO, i’m not a CoD fanboy.

  • Alan

    this game was so dissapointing and an embarrassment to me, i had discovered this game a long time ago, and was telling everyone about it and how it would be amazing, it was a huge let down. THe graphics are nothing like the videos, there is zero to no destruction, the animations are choppy, just try to fire the first shotgun, it looks retarded and the fire on the guns looks liek cheese.  And I have no clue what im doing half the time, and honestly this game just wasnt “fun”, I canceled my preorder and am getting MW3, I had found MW2 to be alot of fun.

    • fuzz

      You get what you pay for when you have a $200 machine


  • Ballsack206

    This game fucking sucks, over hyped, horrible gameplay.

  • Ian1221_ilagan

    I wanna know how to safely exit the beta on the 360. Anybody know how? I don’t want to just turn off the system while the file is being read.

  • Thatkidfromnj

    Just a heads up, they limited a lot of the graphics features in the beta to lower download size, so at this point to judge the games graphics is unfair it won’t look as good as the PC but it will look a lot better then the beta. 

    • Anonymous

      Having a console render a scene well is unrelated to file size as all the other assets looked fine. This is purely an optimization issue.

  • Ricky

    I played the beta while it was still early release and wasn’t impressed at all. First thing i noticed within the first few minutes was how bad the graphics looked. Heck, even medal of honor had better graphics. There was no clear explanation of the objectives. I was lost for about the first 20 minutes. I was sniped from all directions and had no idea where the bullets were coming from. The controls were slow and buggy at times. Although it is still BETA, with the official release less than a month away, this is as close to the final version we will see. Being this late before release, most of these bugs should have been fixed at this stage in development. 

  • Thatkidfromnj

    For everyone complaining about the graphics not being up to par refer to this link and look at the bottom of the beta description is says that the beta WILL NOT include all the graphics features in the final game. Which means saying the textures are low res and animations and destruction aren’t as good as you hoped and canceling your preorder because of it is just plain stupid.

  • Javlor14

    battlefield is the shit… i have to admit yeah the beta is bad but thats because its compressed u dumb fucks 

    • randy:)cartman

      If it were compressed that would not affect quality of the game what so ever. Every game you get the iso is compressed on the disc but that doesn’t make the games any less of quality. Compressed or not is irrelevant.

  • michael jones

    looks pretty good for a game running on crap 5 -6 year old console hardware. Maybe it’s time to finally upgrade- cheapass

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t call it crap until the next generation of consoles start rolling out. No one’s going to really take advantage of the PC’s hardware when it costs so much more to assemble and people are just going to pirate it, anyway

  • Troy

    I was going to pre-order it but not anymore.  I’ll stick to playing BFBC 2.

  • Thatdaveguy50

    Delay game for better outcome instead of a pile of BS that is why there is a beta

    • randy:)cartman

      Please delay game. The game is probably going to start being burned to DVDs in a couple of weeks to get yields up. This actually may be happening sooner than a couple weeks. How on earth is dice going to get this game ready for prime time in a week or two. Please delay game so it isn’t a flop. The alpha I played on pc was better than the beta and I’m serious. How can you regress I don’t understand it. They fixed a few glitches on pc alpha and now beta has other glitches and more of them too. The 360 beta is just terrible all around and I agree with the article it feels like I am playing an old xbox game like 6-7 years ago. Bf3 was like my savior my Jesus Christ from CoD and now it looks as if I am stuck playing modern warfare 3 Boo. Bad company 2 had better graphics and gameplay as this. Guys you need to get realistic yea this is a beta but why would dice put out a game with that crappy of graphics on 360 if they have something better to show. Why would it have so many glitches if they had something better to play. Also the game comes out in less than 4 weeks and two of those weeks at least they are going to be burning and making copies of the game to ship out to retail stores. Gamestop gets new games in around a week before the release date.

  • suck it



  • Skunk Giant

    Never been a huge fan of COD, and I haven’t played Battlefield in a long, long time, so my thoughts shouldn’t be too biased. 
    This game is one of my favourite shooters. I love it! :D
    However, having played Xbox and PC, I instantly decided that PC was the way to go (as I expected originally).

  • Gay

    I played this demo and I thought it sucked.  You feel oddly detached from the world and it looks like shit.  Anyway, back to cs source.

    • Gay

      I would rather take a dinky into my ballon knot then play whatever this is supposed to be?  I yearn for the days of bf2.

    • Angry Dave

      What demo? How’d you get a demo when the rest of us got a beta?

      Yes you go back to the graphical glory of cs source.

  • Uncharted4

    OK, What is a COD fanboy? A person that defends their game no matter what? Or a person who just loves the franchise? I have been playing Cod since COD 2, and i never defended it or gave to shits about what people say about it, i just play it to play, and have fun with my friends. I remember when i first downloaded bad company 1 beta and it was amazing, i think i played it 9+ hours straight, lol i could not put it down, then when BC2 came out i decided to buy it on launch day, and while playing for hours and hours i thought it was better than COD, UNTIL days had passed and the game started to get boring and boring and boring, so i decided to go back to MW2 (which i also bought on day on launch) What i am trying to say is BF3 will not be a bad game, but it won’t be a fun one either, unless you like moving around slowly and like playing 20-30 min matches. I played the beta, and the graphics look if not the same but worst than bad company 2, and the issues with the bugs and glitches, can’t be fixed by the time the game is released. Also i think rush ruined the series for me, BF2 didn’t have that crap, bad company did, and that was a different series. Unless BF3 is bad company 3 O_O. The developers of the BF series are not staying true to their franchise, they are running away from what they created in a simple team based tactical shooter, and trying to be a COD ripoff, ( fast action gameplay) I think they should delay the game till early 2012 to give people what they want.

  • Mr. Unbiased

    Alright, here is an unbias opinion….You are all idiots for getting so worked up over which version is better, or if PC is better than console.  IT DOESN’T MATTER.  Pick your flavor and SHUT UP!

  • Alex

    Battlefield 3 beta was embarrassingly terrible, after playing mw2 and bl ops i decided it was time for a change, so i told all my mates im not getting mw3, im getting bf3 instead cus cod bores me. Ive never played a bf b4 so i thought it would make a nice change but if this shite is the next best thing to cod then it looks like ill be getting mw3 after all. I could not believe all this hype bf3 is getting, its possibly the worst shooter ive ever played. Ea and dice should be embarassed. And as for them saying they will take cods throne!? They got no chance! Fucking shit! And before you start with the whole its a beta its a beta, fuck all major will change in a month! A b4 i get called a cod fanboy, WRONG! im fucking bored of cod! I want something better, i hoped battlefield would be better! but by the looks off things that wont be happening any time soon.

  • E

    i have it for both ps3 and xbox 360 and they look the same in some areas not a fanboy i love both console to death but they look the same (after the texture load on xbox) didnt have a noticable texture problem with it on ps3 but other than that same thing

  • Mr. Unbiased

    Just thought all you who are upset with all the bugs should read this:

    • Angry Dave

      I had a suspicion that it wasn’t the latest build of the game. I played a version at one of the  gaming exhibitions and it was definitely not as buggy as this beta.

  • Angry Dave

    I’ve personally been enjoying the beta. It’s buggy…. as betas usually are…. but underneath that very rough exterior is an enjoyable and detailed team game. If they can polish it up it will be amazing.

    I think some people getting hit with more problems than others. I also think some servers have more problems than others too.It’s not that easy to get going but by the time you’ve earned a few unlocks you start to get a feel for it.It definitely isn’t going to immediately feel familiar as people would expect it to. You can’t exactly come straight from playing BFBC2 or CoD into this and expect to not have to adjust. Yeah Metro is a bad map to showcase the game. Caspian Border players seem to be loving it way more. Even if they don’t fix everything in time for release then patches will surely follow….eventually. There already is going to be a day 1 patch. I expect the usual bumpy start.

  • jsonaut

    I tried it on 360 for about an hour, and wow, it’s bloody hard, I think I need shit loads more practice.  Can’t wait to try the conquest mode.   Game seems fine to me, don’t know what all the whining’s about!!!


    i love how people bitch so so so much about this, and everybody who plays cod and sucks at it was hoping that this game would be good and might give them a chance to be good at an fps sitting in a tank of coppter just getting all the kills. the comp is a great platform if you one that has the patients and have a fat ass so they can rest their chins on their massiven man boobs while your face is a foot away from the screen. I wished that this game would destroy cod but its just lacking the precision and the overall polish. i dont care about the glitches or shotty beta graphics, its the core fps gameplay that it is lacking it plays somewhat like resistance with its over amount of having to shoot people mutliple times to kill them even with a sniper. if your going to make such a realistic game with fancy sounds and explosions and partical effects back it up with some human biology, like cod even in the standard team deathmatch you had to give people a couple extra pops than any man would be able to take but it had weight behind it you actually felt like you were damaging or affecting them somewhat. i know this is just one game type but its just going to get worse when the maps get bigger and more and more people. spawn killing is also an unbelievable problem by having fixed locations that will soon be memorized by the cheap ones you know who you are! this was designed for pc and should stay on that platform this game will be just like MOH and be picked up in the dust of the COD mess. this game has i was designed to be used by a mouse i can you my masterbating hand to move faster than you joystic feel. and it was proven when a game called SHADOWRUN came out that was cross_platform online, that pc players usually got blindsided by console players because they were used to playing against the run and gun type that could look around at a mile a minute. as were cosole players took there time and used a more strategic group strategy.. sorry for spelling mistakes im on my phone so eat a d!!ck……….

  • Jettman0

    Trollolololol., no but seriously, being horrible at a game isn’t a good reason to call it bad, the beta does not include the final games high-rez textures to decrease the download size, as for the bugs, well, i’m just gonna call it a beta, graphics will improve in retail version, bugs will be fixed, calm the frick down

    • randy:)cartman

      My own personal opinion so don’t anyone flame and I seriously hope I’m wrong. I played the alpha on pc I was lucky enough to get a code through email from DICE. I swear to god the alpha was way better than the beta except there was one part where you could not move through a bush which occupied a big portion of the map. But that was really the only major glitch. I know its a beta and DICE is trying to say they aren’t allowed to provide final code for some odd reason. Well give us something more finalized than this beta ??? They said they fixed most of the bugs already. I doubt it. It’s only been a few days since the beta was released. And if most of the bugs were fixed then repost the beta on the ps3, 360, and pc with the bigs fixed and what not. That would be easy to do. I don’t buy into DICE saying its all pretty much fixed already I am sorry I have heard this before many many times with many many games and it takes time for this stuff. Starcraft 2 the beta was like this buggy as hell well they had months and months and months to fix the issues and guess what starcraft 2 came out and it was unplayable for a few months until everything was fixed able to play it. Crysis 2 came out and had some major bugs on pc. The beta on 360 ran perfect too and then the actual final product crashed and was hell. Just look up crysis 2 crazy flashing. It happened to me and affected nearly everyone. It took months to fix thst issue and no it wasn’t an nvidia or AMD driver issue. I’m not goingto keep boring you with this stuff but I know what’s realistic and not and bf3 polished on release is not. Also every beta I have ever played shows 98-99.9 percent of the actual graphics of the final game and this is when the beta comes out months and months and months ahead of release. Not less than a month like bf3 is.

  • Pat

    As someone who’s had the opportunity to play a different version of the game on PS3 at a public display… I can tell you that the beta is very watered down, the graphics in the beta look completely different than the version I played and almost all the glitches I experienced were exclusive to the beta… They do need to fix the freaking squads tho, that really might be a deal breaker for me.

  • nick

    wow i was very disappointed with beat first it took me 40mins to get into the game then when i got into the game i couldn’t walk i just stood in the same place (as did everyone in the game ) aswell being taken back out of the game back into the message saying lost connection to ea, now from this experience most likly am not going to buy battlefield 3

  • I feel sorry for those who have only just decided to switch to the Battlefield series now. Battlefield 2 was (and still is) an exceptional multiplayer game with huge maps and great team-based gameplay. Battlefield Bad Company 2 took this further with incredible graphics and sound – you really feel immersed in the war theatre.

    I’ve played CoD and I really enjoyed it but I always came back to Battlefield as for me it was so much more enjoyable to play (online). I’ve just installed the BF3 Beta today and I am a little bit disappointed tbh. It’s a big step away from BF:BC2. It feels a bit “clunky” to play. The gun recoil is a touch excessive. I do love the return of the prone, I like how the soldier leaps over walls and I love that you can shoot the glass and lights out (on the metro carriages). Graphics and sound didn’t float my boat. I hope the beta is just some kind of publicity ploy and the finished product will blow my mind like BC2 did.

  • battlefield is awesome

    yea this game will destroy call of duty. and the beta is running a version that is several months old. the actual game will look a lot better.

  • Dearyme

    I knew the hype was too much to take it as i didnt take it in due to recent games online wise, I think bad company is better than this game online i played bad company and liked it but the low frame rateike etc annoyed me, just like this shite game! played beta on xbox and was wtf!!! whats all the hype about 15fps ish and very low draw distance makes it hard to recognise an enemy with flicking shadows and hopping motion when standing still. i would give this game 3/10 online wise atm pure shit imo i would prefer operartion flashpoint on my pc from good 10 yrs ago to this!! very poor

  • Alexgl562

    Bf3 sucks

  • Alexgl562

    Graphics suck, gameplay sucks. I know its a beta but gdamn the game is a month away from launch and I think I’m gonna have to go back to cod again. As bored as I am of mw it’s still a better polished game. I was really hoping bf3 would be able to compete with mw so I could try something new but the beta is gonna make me cancel my preorder

  • Fdf

    LOL go play your remade COD 4. You wont be missed.

  • Jzuberka

    i went into this beta with an open mind… being a cod lover. I was also intending to buy this game after its release… after playing the demo… HELL NO! this game sucks n i know its the beta but really EA hyped this game soooo much n it is shit. i was really wanting some competition with cod to improve shooters in general. but its not coming from this game, i have one friend whose whole year was wanting this game; needless to say he is pissed… y can’t ea make a decent game? lol n I’m not a cod fanboy i like video games n can c a good one and a bad one. do not waist ur money

  • Markyll

    this dude obviously doesnt know wat he is talking about. I have played the beta on xbox 360 and it looked amazing. And i wasn’t even playing on a hd tv. So to whoever wrotw this article, shut the h*ll up

  • Poster Toaster

    I agree this game is a mess on 360. I thought the graphics were terrible compared to what I’ve been expecting and the gameplay was very lack luster. BFBC2 and Black Ops are both better games than this.

  • duder

    I’m not typically one to pitch my two cents on any gaming blog, however as a huge fan of Bad Company 2 I was really disappointed with what the console beta had to offer. Knowing that this game will largely be targeting the PC crowd, it failed to suggest to me its potential in knocking off COD as the kingpin of FPS. I haven’t played the PC version but without a doubt it’ll outperform the console version in every respect.

    With that said, I guess I just fell victim to the hype that the DICE media machine has been pumping since this games inception. I am by no means a COD ‘fanboy’ as is so often quoted in this forum (in fact I just sold my copy of blackops to get a pre-order of BF3), however I am not so sure that this game will live up to its expectations judging by the somewhat fragmented console graphics, and gameplay. Christ they still haven’t incorporated cooking grenades lol.

    Harp on this all you will, but for someone who hates where the COD franchise has gone with its reupholstering of an old gimic, I’m rather dissapointed with what I’ve seen thus far with the BF3 console beta. The sound WAS amazing though! That can’t be denied. With only a few weeks until this game is released in NA and Europe, I don’t see how enough of the console version will improve to take on the COD giant in sales. I could always be wrong, however, and the final product might be amazing (I’m truly hoping for that). If it doesn’t improve, I might just sell my pre-ordered copy and buy nothing. I’m growing tired of where FPS’s stand in the console world.

  • Bercley

    BETA is Shyte.

  • ultimate authority on gaming

    I think MW3 will suck though BF3 sucks because if I when went to far as to guess, Capcom makes it because i was sure it was playing smooth like the first one.

  • rob

    Anyone who says “Yeah but it’s beta” OBVIOUSLY has no clue what developers have to go through in order to fix ONE SINGLE, SMALL bug. The thing where you go prone and sink through the earth… guess what.. that is NOT  game bug.. that is an ENGINE bug.  If you think engine fixes are easy to do in < 1 months time you're clueless — changes to the engine impact everything and need to be tested HARD.

    Any 'fixes' we see at this point are really just the developer taking the path of least resistance to MASK a problem rather than truly fix the underlying issues with the new engine…

    In development, programming takes time research thought effort, etc. But guess what? There's this little thing called QA/testing and it takes A LONGGGGGGGGGGGGG time.

    To summarize — your 'beta bugs' are going nowhere. Cheers.

    • pro for BF3

      Sure there are SOME minor glitches…I’m pretty sure that if you ever brought this up with one of the makers, he’ll take that into consideration.

  • Louis731

    BF3 fucking sucks, I had such high hope thanks to those stupid trailers, yet I got to play this pile of horse ***.  I honestly don’t remember if ever I played another shooter just as bad.

    • Cesar_42

      What a bunch of retards, the purpose of the beta is to test the servers and the beta software is months old. And stop bitchin about the graphics, they are clearly at 50-60%, why would ea let u broke niggas play full beta with jets and great graphics for free?, stick to same ol cod. Dont want u retards as teammates online

    • your dumb

       This is code from JANUARY! They have been refining it for the past 10 months. Do you know what stress testing is? Because that’s all they were doing with this beta. They weren’t out to impress the masses, but to have over a million people on a server, and it ran. So, when it hits this Tuesday, and you cancel your pre order, your gunna be shit out of luck. 

  • Micky

    But this is an early build correct? Not then one that will be released. Wait and see how the final turns out. Not a 3-4 month old beta.

  • HeJustMerkedYou

    to whoever said that consoles are better… your not very bright and im being modest. I play consoles for one reason. i dont wanna get shot repeatedly by the ultra skilled PC  players that have been waiting on this game since they were eatting cheese puffs and merking someone every 10 sec. on Battlefield 2. Go buy a $1000 comp and try it yourself they will destroy you! O.o so to that i say im sticking to xbox and ps3

  • JohnnyWangDee

    Everyone here needs to understand…trying to fit massive battlefield maps onto a MODERATELY downloadable file for people to play is a hard task.  They are just tying out there POS servers.  This is not a preview of the games ability but only a server test.  Try fitting any halfway decent game on such a restricted memory is hardly an easy task.

  • Anonymous

    I understand it’s a “beta”, but being a month from release, this is stuff that shouldn’t be popping up anymore.”

    > I understand it’s a “beta”

    Clearly not.

  • Gfdgxfczg

    BF 3Single player does not works becouse in the airfield level is impossible to destroy the escaping vip ( BUG).I got many disconnections whit bf3 and origin.Origin would not let me login for a whole day telling me” ERROR PASSWORD or EMAIL.So I complained hard whit ea support and they ( an idiot called Fernando,1 italian idiot and mafious) suspended my account.So I paid in full for this shit of bf 3 but they don’t let me play and don’t fix all problems.Ea game is a sh**t company so I gone and bought COD MW3 and I have no problems.
    I’m not an activision collaborator but just a justice to say who working right and fair.So I starting cracking ea games and sharing it.Check on totternts to get ea games for free.