Gears 3 Multiplayer Explored – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Posted by on September 20, 2011 at 6:36 pm

Gears of War 3 and multiplayer…Peanut butter and jelly? Peas and Carrots? Captain and Tennille? Yeah, something like that.

Gears 3 picks up the torch carried by its predecessor, which lit the way for so many gamers…And then throws it into a huge vat of kerosene which then boils water which powers a steam turbine which creates electricity and lights up the whole damned city.

We all knew that Gears 3 was going to have some old-school multiplayer modes…Team Death Match, Horde, etc…We also knew that it would have some new multiplayer modes such as Beast mode and King of the Hill. What we didn’t know is that playing these modes would be so fun that you are liable to piss rainbows.

Horde 2.0 – Let’s talk for a moment about the new horde mode. The first think you need to know is that it is roughly similar to the old horde mode, in that you’re fighting wave after ever-more-difficult wave of locusts and progressing between those waves after eliminating your enemies. The new and improved part is the ability to set up barricades, turrets, decoys, etc…which will aid you in kicking the hell out of the bad guys.

As you’re playing, you will gain money for a number of things. Kills get you some cash, revivals get you some cash and finding money crates will get you a lot of cash. You can use that cash to reload your weapons, buy, repair and upgrade barricades, get back in the game after being killed and give to other players if they’re broke. The money makes sure that you are awarded based on your performance and your team becomes proportionally more bad ass, based on how well you are playing.

You can also give weapons to other players. Ever have one of those times where someone had the torque bow and couldn’t use it well? Well now they can give it to the team’s torque bow master with a quick button press.

There’s still 50 rounds and many of the rounds have bonus goals – such as getting a cumulative 7 headshots or killing 2 flame grenadiers by blowing up their tanks. Completing these goals will earn you and your team extra cash for your efforts.

Beast Mode – One of the new modes, “Beast Mode” fiinds you playing as the locust horde. Your goal is to kill a set number of COG soldiers before time runs out. With each kill, you gain more time. More time means more killing. More killing is good! When you first start a game of beast mode, you can play as a wild ticker – which can swallow grenades and use them to blow up the COG soldiers and can also destroy barriers – a standard ticker…we all know what those do, or a couple of different types of locust drones. As time goes on, though, you’ll be unlocking many more types of locusts including armored Kantus, Berzerkers and Corpsers…Yep, corpsers. Those things are SICK! They do massive damage to…well…anything and they can burrow into the ground where they become invulnerable and heal themselves. Also, the first time you play as a berzerker, you WILL pee a little. Take my word for it.

The only real problem with beast mode is that it only lasts 12 rounds. My group finished all 12 rounds in just under 30 minutes and then it was over. Epic needs to expand that. Seriously, Cliffy, 50 rounds…gogo!

Team deathmatch – This mode has been revamped. Each team only has a limited number of respawns and the goal is to keep on killing until your enemies are out of them and then finish them off. It’s a lot of fun when you’re watching how many respawns each team has left and the voice chatter gets more and more urgent. It’s even more fun when you’re down to none, the other team has 5 and you pull off a major come-from-behind victory.

It’s even more, more fun when you finish that come-from-behind victory by allowing the last of your enemies to get back to his feet, after having been downed, and then triple chainsaw his ass into the middle of next March 12th. The un-fun part about that is that you’re so busy laughing, you almost lose the next round because you can’t see through the tears.

King of the Hill – This mode has each team vying for capture points on the map. The capture points move after a set period of time, which means no one team can dig in so deeply that the other team can’t possibly win. You have to get in, capture the point and then defend it against your enemies while gathering points. The first team to 150 points wins.

This mode is a lot of fun because it’s hardcore, fast, non-stop action. There’s a lot of melee-range combat, grenades, explosions, back and forth drama and screaming into the headset. Not recommended for those with high blood pressure, a history of heart disease or women who are expecting.

Capture the leader – This one is about capturing the other team’s leader and holding him for a set amount of time. That leader has an upgraded tactical map so he can see every enemy on the map at all times which will make it hard to get close to him. The leader also has the ability to throw off anyone who is holding him which will do some damage and allow for a counterattack. This is one of those modes in which the lead can, and will shift quite regularly.

Speaking of counterattacks…This one’s major, especially if you didn’t know about it until you got bit by it. If someone is hiding behind cover, you have the ability to vault that cover and kick them. The kick will cause them to stumble backward and will stun them for a second. If done properly, this is the first half of an indefensible combination which will kill the hapless cover-camper all but instantly.

Needless to say, the multiplayer aspect of Gears 3 is so much fun, they’re liable to ban it in 43 states and 128 countries. Get in there with your buddies and you’re bound to have a blast. If you haven’t set out on the multiplayer path, now is the time…Take a break from the campaign and get in there. Play some beast mode or TDM and try not to pass out from all the excitement.

There are a couple of dark spots, though, so I’ll break down the good, bad and ugly for you.


  • Horde mode’s new, shiny look is amazing. 100 rounds of barricade building, decoy deploying, bonus getting goodness.
  • Beast mode – Probably the most fun you can have without ending up in a bail hearing.
  • The limited respawns in TDM makes the action very furious. No more running around willy-nilly just trying to rack up kills…you need to be smart.
  • New maps, upgraded old maps, ribbons, awards, xp system…sexy!
  • Beast mode being only 12 rounds makes me sad. What were they thinking?!
  • Some of the multiplayer weapons seem to be grossly overpowered *cough*sawed-off shotgun*cough*
  • How were people already at level 51, last night? Epic didn’t reset the servers, that’s how! Fail!
  • Your mom, lol!
There really isn’t an “ugly”, in my opinion. All in all the multiplayer game is well done, quick, action filled and fun. GET ON IT! GO!

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  • FF7=best game ever made

    “Horde mode has 100 waves”?!

    I suggest you do your research before writing an article. And your excessive use of the words “bad-ass” make you sound like the 12 year old that you probablyare

    • Sorry…I thought I read a bad-ass comment in a bad-ass article on a bad-ass website that said the bad-ass new Horde Mode bad-assery was going to have double the bad-ass rounds and I thought that was bad-ass.  I’ve corrected the bad-ass error…BAD-ASS, AMIRITE?!

      • Sarahnicole11

        And it’s not fixed in the bottom section. Anyways, Gears 3 is absolute fun and has already given me many great hours of fun.

  • dave

    he only said “bad ass” once. lol