Gears Of War 3 – Horde 2.0 Strategies

Posted by on September 27, 2011 at 11:00 am

Gears of War 3 has been out for a week now and everyone and their mother is now on a mission to get to level 50 in horde mode, one of the more popular Gears 3 multiplayer modes and claim the achievement (I understand there’s 2 if you make it through all 50 in one sitting). The new version of the horde mode is fast, furious and brutal and if you’re not prepared in the later stages of the game, you’re in the stew in a really bad way.

So what’s the best way to make it through the levels and how are you supposed to deal with those pesky bosses?

I’ll tell you, after the jump.

The universally accepted idea, at this point, is to save your money. Don’t even bother putting up defenses or decoys or spending money on anything else until you get past level 20. You’re going to need to have tons of cash going in to the later levels or you’re going to get buttsexed like a drag queen in a prison riot once you get to the last 20 levels or so.

Another thing that’s very important is ammo conservation. As I said, you’re going to need to keep as much money as possible so don’t go wasting your ammo on pot-shots. Keep your itchy finger off the trigger until you can see the red of their eyes and then let them have it. It is completely doable if you want it…I recently made it to level 44 without buying ammo a single time, after which our group had to split up (work blows) and I am certain I could have gone the whole 50 rounds without buying ammo if I’d had to. Choose your shots wisely.

Next, choose the right map. Overpass is awesome because the center area is easy to defend. It also drops the mortar and Hammer of Dawn and has long, straight lines of sight, which are important for that whole ammo thing. Smaller maps seem like they would be easier to manage because there’s less terrain to deal with but they often cause you to get overrun because you don’t have good lines of sight. Stay away from them until after you’ve grabbed the achievement.

Stay away from weapons like the Retro Lancer and the Hammerburst. Yeah, they hit a little harder but the Retro is very inaccurate and the Hammerburst has no instant execution so you’re going to be wasting ammo and time. Stick with the lancer and save some bullets.

Use your grenades as mines at chokepoints and put the hurt on the locust horde when they try to rush into your command post. Sure, you can throw them but what’s the point? Using them as mines is nearly guaranteed damage to the targets.

Leave the weapons on the ground unless they’re free or they’re a mortar, one-shot or Hammer of Dawn. Money, Money, Money…That’s the name of the game, here. Why waste cash when you don’t need to? Also, if you get the H.O.D., save it for the boss fight, turbo. No need to blow it.

When you get your bonus waves, and you complete the objective, save the reward. There’s no need to waste those guns right away so leave the crate for when you really need it…like during a boss battle.

And that brings me to the meat that goes along with these potatoes. The boss fights. There are some important things you should do for every boss fight and I’ll run through those really quickly and then tell you how each of the bosses dies the best.

The first thing you want to do is make sure you are prepared when the boss wave comes. Make sure your defenses and turrets and decoys are set and ready because those will buy you valuable time and tactical advantage.

Next, make sure you kill all of the little stuff first. ALL OF IT. Save the boss for dead last so you can all focus on the big bad guy without having to worry about the little bad guys shooting you in the face while you’re busy.

Finally, when you’re clear of all the appetizers, go after the steak. Everyone needs to focus and work together as a team to get it done with as little pain as possible. Some of these bosses can be pretty tough so come together as a team and you’ll get it done.

Here’s a list of the bosses I’ve seen, and how to best dispatch them

1) Gunker – Just shoot the Gunker until it dies. Simple. Also, avoid the gunk it throws…That stuff hurts. Also, if there’s any locusts on the map, leave them. They’ll fight the gunker.

2) Reavers – Also very simple. Find a safe spot and shoot them in the face until they die. Rinse and repeat.

3) Savage Corpsers – Try to get high ground and shoot it in the face and back. Stay away from its legs and you’re pretty safe.

4) Berserker – These are immune to your projectile weapons until you set them on fire. Hit them with a scorcher or incendiary grenade and they will start to burn. Once that happens, open up on them. When the fire goes out, repeat until they drop.

5) Brumak – Get behind him and shoot him in the tanks. Boom. Also, the Brumak is large enough that it’s not too hard to get him stuck on a lot of maps. If you don’t mind killing a helpless Brumak, I don’t mind either.

6) Lambent Berserker – The toughest one, in my opinion. Like the regular berserker, you can’t hurt it with your weapons but with this one, you have to wait until its rib cage opens, right before it charges or jumps. When that happens, shoot it in the glowy bits until it dies. This one can take a LONG time so make sure you stay out of the way. Also, torque bow. It still takes a LOT of torque bow shots to drop this thing but they help a lot.

And the last tip I can give you is simple. Pee before it starts and make sure everyone can stay for the duration. No parents, no kids, no spouses or fiances. Lock the doors, turn off the phone, get your drinks sorted out and have a snack ready. You can’t pause once it starts so get your shit together and hunker down for a nice long party. You’ll be glad you did.

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  • Good tips here.  I when through all 50 on Hotel…good map and good hiding spot for the silverback.

    • guest

      you say that but have you ever had the brumak in side the hotel, cause it ain’t pretty it shocked the hell out of me got downed by explosion picked back up turned around and there’s a freaking brumak in side the hotel didn’t even here it

  • Dack Chris

    I fnd the problem is finding a team who wont quit or goes for own glory . fed up with losing host

    • Yeah, this is always a problem.  I have my friends list filled with reliable players that I know are always down to go the distance so when any of them join up for party time, we all know we’re going to party until the partying’s done.  That’s the best way to make it happen.

      • Martinhynes

        rob add me

  • SneakyMoth

    Great writeup man.  Thanks!  I have a group of guys that will play all the way through and we all get along decently so Im excited to try this.

    • You’re welcome, man!  I mostly suck at life but every once in a while I manage to put out a gem.  Hope it helps!

  • Haharhiddly

    It sucks that a group of people who don’t know each other have to play it on normal, but a group of friends can play it on casual. When you break it down like that it truly makes no sense.

  • Theshay24

    Yup…Made it all the way to wave 50 last night, but couldn’t get through it.
    It was me and two friends and two random dudes with no mics.  They both dropped out after the 10th try. 
    Communication is key!  We played on Sandbar and just hosed for a majority of the game.  But when the final battle came and we couldn’t decide what to do as a team it got sloppy and frusterating.
    Anyway, I’m hoping I can just get a team going and just start at level 50 now that I’ve already gotten that far.  I think you can do that right?
    Good luck.
    Also good luck playing the very last mission of the campaign on insane…we’re stuck there too.

  • Ahutt88

    Just got to level 42 with only 4 guys, myself and a friend playing as a guest, and the guys across the hall playing with a guest.  Unfortunately we didn’t know that going through all 50 in one sitting gets another achievement.  We had a hell of a time getting to where we are, probably because a somewhat poor map selection , and being down a guy.  We didn’t really have our shit together at the start as far as not buying stuff right away went, but we made it that far before they had to go so I’d say we did alright.

  • Clifton Barnum

    I managed to finally hit 50 last night. Ended up 2 guys short for the last 3 waves and had to re-play a good 10 times or so, but stuck in there and made it. Map was Thrashball and it worked to keep a couple turrets up in the upper deck level where we could watch each others’ backs really well.

    Big deal is teamwork. We were handing cash over to the guy with the Silverback and sticking together as much as possible rather than running out for glory kills.
    GT is Jasana666 if anyone wants a Horde 2.0 friend who won’t quit out. Put “Horde 2.0” in the friend request comment though so I know not to kick it. :p

  • Airwilson30

    Do u need to beat straight thru on insane to get onyx medal or can u do it in plateaus

  • Riley

    …once it starts so get your shit together and hunker down for a nice long party. You’ll be glad you did. I like this part. 
    Good guide

  • Lol Riley

    I know a guy who claims he can get to 50 by himself on insane. 
    Is this possible? 

    • Grb_wendy

      I made to wave 36 on hardcore alone and that was hard enough so I doubt u could do alone on insane

      • UrMomWasBoring

        I would love to see you make it ALONE on hardcore to wave 36.  My money is on that you cannot even get past wave 9 on hardcore alone.  You should post your gamertag so I can observe this fiasco because it sounds like complete bull. :-)

        • Fiery_x_x7

          I’ve been working on insane mode by myself and got all the way to 36 over a day and  half period. but i paused it to watch a movie with my fiance and when it was over, the game was frozen….i can not tell you how pissed i was at that. i’m trying it again and i’m now on 17…but i gotta tell you..i took a serious blow when i saw the damn game was frozen

  • tsturzl

    Saving money till lvl 20s is bull. I beat horde on casual, normal, and Hardcore all 50 with just one other guy on a split screen.

    Buy turrets, upgrade your barriers but know when to stop. If you have a few extra barriers for the boss round to slow them down, then don’t go any further than razor wire or your wasting money.

    If you run out of lancer ammo, use a turret, if you run out of turret ammo, use your shotgun, if you run out of shotgun ammo then learn to be more accurate. Your ammo is replenished after each round.

    I hardly ever bought ammo except when fighting berzerkers and I run out of scorcher ammo.

    • guest

      That’s great if you did it but i for one find it hard to belive. anyways split screen with your buddy at home that you can talk to and see what hes doing has a clear advantage over online with some random player probably with no mics that runs around by them selves.