Gears Of War 3 Launch Event Underway

Posted by on September 19, 2011 at 11:55 pm

I’ve arrived at the Gears 3 launch party here in Glendale, a Phoenix suburb. It is a hot, muggy night -clocking out at a sucky 90f at 10pm – but quite a few people have shown up for the pre-launch festivities.

As I write this there’s a Gears 2 tournament going on as well as drawings for door prizes – the last ticket they drew was 1 away from mine which means it’s clearly rigged – and there’s plenty of swag laying around as well as a full compliment of hardcores wearing COG tags and other Gears merch.

There’s music going and everyone here is clearly wrapped up in the tournament. Unfortuately, the big thrills of the evening – a 40 foot rock wall, National Guard contingent, complete with vehicles and, presumably, machine guns – went to the wrong location so someone else is getting in on that fun.

They’re about to do another drawing…and I am NOT teh winrar, naturally…if it wasn’t for bad luck, I’d have none at all.

Something big just happened in the tournament but of course I missed it because I’m live blogging with my nose buried in a Thunderbolt so I am going to publish this and update throughout the night.

11:05 – The Gears final round just started. 5 kills to win.

The COG player just won the first round with an exploding bolt to the face…short round.

Round 2 is a lot of grenade spam and stop & POP action. Finally, the locust player wins a second round with a well placed grenade.

Round 3 sees the locust player camping and doing a lot of spray and pray. The COG player is trying to lock him down with exploding bolts but not doing too well.

More grenades and explosive bolts and this round is taking a while. Range is closing and the shotguns are out but neither player seems to be able to grab the advantage. Finally, the COG player gets the kill with the shotty.

Round 4 – more grenades. The COG player has a sniper rifle and is picking away at his enemy. The range closes and they’re back to the shotguns. The locust player closes the gap and gets the kill to go 2 to 2.

Round 5 – same story. Grenades and exploding bolts. Lots of ammo being wasted. The COG player scores with a bolt for the win.

Round 6 – Do I need to say it? Nade spam. Suddenly the COG player lands a good burst to the head and takes the round.

Round 7 – it stars, it’s over. A quick shotgun headshot for the locust player. 4-3 now.

Round 8 – shotguns and sniper rifles. The grenades are flying and the COG player rushes in with the shotty for another headshot kill.

Game – set – match.

More to come!

11:45 now and the line is long…fortunately I will be getting the first copy out the door so I can head home and review it.

I’m going to sign off now so I can get things squared away and get to reviewing so check back soon for the straight dope on Gears 3!

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  • Yo, Rob great to have you for the launch !!! thanks for being there !

  • Thanks for having me!  I’m looking forward to the BF3 and MW launches, with the whole big to-do…And thanks for making sure I got out of there quickly so I could rip out the review.  You guys rock!