This is Why Xbox Live is Better than PlayStation Network

Posted by on September 23, 2011 at 5:29 pm

Many people participated in the “preview disc” program that Xbox Live was running to test out the new disc format. Microsoft sent these users a copy of Halo: Reach to use for testing purposes and you were totally able to keep the game. 

Well there was an update to Halo: Reach on September 21st that made those who used the preview disc unable to play the game anymore. Instead of Microsoft just saying whatever, the testing is over they don’t need the game anymore, they sent out a Games on Demand code to download the full game to your hard drive!

So not only did you get a free game but now you don’t even need the disc to play it. Even during the beta Microsoft was able to detect users that would not be able to play the new disc format and sent them new Xbox Slims with a 250GB hard drive.

What has Sony done for its users lately? Oh, they gave everyone two old games after the network was down for a month and just lately their making everyone agree to new terms which won’t let them participate in class action lawsuits. Granted you have to pay for Xbox Live but I would rather pay for a service that works and takes care of their customers. /rant


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  • Anonymous

    They gave us two old games, dammit!

  • Kon

    Yup, the title is right