Zynga Launching Mafia Wars 2

Posted by on September 20, 2011 at 11:32 am

There is nothing official from their website but I got an email from Zynga saying that I’m in the founders club, yay? It’s a smart move for Zynga because Mafia Wars is slowly declining in usage. Right now only about 5.5 million people play the game. Mafia Wars at it’s peak had over 28 million people playing and I quit playing when everything just turned into the same thing.

Zynga is slowly losing market share even in their biggest game CityVille which has gone from their peak of little over 100 million users (in 43 days) to just under 75 million. But Zynga is still leading the pack with a total of 268 million users with EA behind them at 98 million.

When I get more information I will let you know but for now take a look at the trailer below and their website that has no information.

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