Battlefield 3 Simulator AKA My New Living Room

Posted by on October 18, 2011 at 11:34 am

Remember that Virtuesphere that everyone wanted a few years ago? You know that ball thing you can walk around in and was all virtual reality? Forget about it because the folks over at Channel 5 in the UK have stepped up the competition with the unveiling of my new living room, the ultimate Battlefield 3 simulator, that is as soon as I win the lottery. This ultimate simulator designed by Channel 5 and about 6 companies cost close to $800,000! But it’s totally worth every penny.

The simulator features omni-directional treadmills designed by MSE Weibull to track movement with extra support of a Kinect. 12 paintball guns so you feel every time you get shot built by Robo Challenge, a wireless gun (forget that Xbox controller) and ambient lighting (just so it’s more realistic you know). All of this is displayed on a 10 foot high 30 foot wide screen with 5 HD projectors built by Igloo. My pants just got tighter…

Okay, so you don’t like Battlefield, then I guess you can buy one of those golf simulators instead. Just don’t be my neighbor because it’s gonna sound like WWIII at my house, yeah!


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