BioWare Live Stream Talks About Enemies In Mass Effect 3 – We Has It Embedded

Posted by on October 31, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Today, BioWare/EA – Creators of Mass Effect 3 – are running a live feed where they are talking about the new enemy and combat elements in the upcoming release.

Read on for more info and the embedded stream.

In the video that’s playing right now, we’re taken inside BioWare, Edmonton and given a good look at some of the different enemy factions, including the Reaper faction which will utilize a mutated Asari, called a banshee. We also see the Cerberus faction and their use of cover, tactical movement and multi-range attacks to throw the player off their game.

They say that the player will have to utilize the cover and biotic systems to their fullest in order to survive the combat encounters in the game and after having watched some video of actual combat taking place in the game, I would agree.

It’s somewhat unsettling to see shielded enemies moving in on the player, attempting to displace them, while other enemies move in and out of cover and snipers work at long range to ensure your demise.

This isn’t your father’s Mass Effect. (Ok, really it is. Your father should be playing Mass Effect…unless he’s like 80, in which case he should be watching you play Mass Effect. If he doesn’t want to, take away his Geritol and tell him he’s not going to get it back until he knows the difference between an Asari commando and a Geth juggernaut, and can tell you how many cryo rounds it takes to knock out a rampaging Krogan.)

Check out the stream below and get ready for March, 2012. I know I am!

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