GTAV Wallpapers, You Want Them!

Posted by on October 25, 2011 at 6:12 pm

OMFG, hell yeah, I want me some GTAV action. It’s coming Rockstar just announced it with a release date for the trailer coming November 2, 2011. Rumors are flying everywhere that it will be based in LA, you will play multiple characters and that it’s coming out November 2012. People are already starting a wish list of things they want in the game, to fly planes, drive tanks, knock down tress and my hope is that there is a destruction engine kinda like Red Faction! Others are wanting something they can get their hands on right away and that’s wallpapers.

User Lilday, over at reddit has come to your rescue with wallpapers of any size, seriously. I’m currently rocking it on my iPhone.

1AGreen BG – Left side Logo
1BGreen BG – Middle Logo
1CGreen BG – Right side Logo

2AGreen BG – Left side Logo
2BGreen BG – Middle Logo
2CGreen BG – Right side Logo

6AGreen BG – Left side Logo
6BGreen BG – Middle Logo
6CGreen BG – Right side Logo

3AGreen BG – Left side Logo
3BGreen BG – Middle Logo
3CGreen BG – Right side Logo

4AGreen BG – Left side Logo
4BGreen BG – Middle Logo
4CGreen BG – Right side Logo

I Phone (640×960)


If you have any request for sizes direct yourself here and post in the comments.

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  • Nubarg

    Original Creator of these wallpapers is from Reddit :)

    • Anonymous

      Pretty sure that’s what the second paragraph of the article says.