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OnLive is at it again with another smokin’ deal. In an e-mail sent earlier today Matt Jensen, Community Manager of OnLive, implored fans to get 10,000 people to “like” OnLive on their Facebook page within 48 hours. If they reach that goal, all US OnLive Members get a Full PlayPass Game for $1. That means you can get any of OnLive’s available-to-purchase titles for a buck. If you wanted to try OnLive and missed out on their Batman: Arkham Asylum give away, then now is a really low barrier-to-entry if they reach 10,000 likes. GET TO CLICKING! Full e-mail below:

You guys are the best. And it’s been wonderful watching the OnLive Community grow since launch. I’m not generally in the habit of asking you all for help, but during a recent meeting, I made a bet with my manager and I need you to help me win. I bet that our community is so strong, we could gather 10,000 more OnLive fans on Facebook in less than 48 hours. If we are able to do this, every OnLive member in the US will get their next Full PlayPass game for $1.

Just like OnLive on Facebook and spread the word!

But you have to do it fast, because if we don’t have this in the bag by Saturday morning, the bet’s off, the deal’s off and I’ll be shamed, laughed at and ridiculed around the office until next year’s holiday party.

Let’s do this!

Matt Jensen
Community Manager
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