Mass Effect 3 Demo Coming. Will Include Single And Multiplayer.

Posted by on October 24, 2011 at 1:15 pm

BioWare today release a little tidbit for all of the fans of the Mass Effect action RPG franchise, letting us know that we’ll be getting a demo this time around.

Read on for more details.

We still have to wait until March of 2012 to get the full game but coming in January, we’ll get a see the new leveling and combat systems, as well as the new co-op multiplayer, first hand.

The news came out via twitter (that seems to be the thing to do these days), where BioWare had this to say:

We’ll have a pre-release #Me3 demo in January 2012! There will be a single player and multiplayer section, so get excited for the New Year!

Yep, that’s right…Single and Multiplayer. SOOOO tasty.

Of course we’re still going to have to wait another 2 months after the trailer comes out before the full release of the game but maybe, just maybe we’ll figure out ways to stretch out the demo that long. I know I’ll be trying to get the most out of it.

BioWare has also been steadily announcing new merchandise. They are releasing new hats, shirts, hoodies, jump suits and all kinds of other Mass Effect goodness to the public so make sure you keep checking out their web site for new stuff.

Of course we, at FleshEatingZipper will have our Mass Effect loving hands on this demo the second it drops so check back for our impressions.

Also, check out the titling on the featured image, from BioWare. Yep, it’s the engine room from the Normandy 3. 3!!

I’m giddy!!

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