A Bunch Of Reasons You SHOULDN’T Avoid Star Wars The Old Republic

Posted by on November 15, 2011 at 1:26 pm

Star Wars : The Old Republic is sure stirring up a lot of talk these days. Developed by BioWare and Lucasarts and published by EA, the soon to be released MMO is the second in the Star Wars universe.

Editor Keith released an op-ed today that has a lot of people up in arms, due to his negative thoughts on MMO’s and the game in general.

That having been read (and Keith having been doused in kerosene and lit ablaze by the angry mob), here’s my opinion and why I think SW:TOR is going to kick ass.

Read on!

Keith has expressed his concerns about EA being involved in the project but I say that since they are only involved in the role of publisher, this concern falls by the wayside.

EA has had some customer service issues in the past, as we all know, but we must assume they will be ramping up their CS department in anticipation of what will likely be one of the biggest game releases of the year.

There is also the fact that EA has the money and the know-how to get things done and aren’t likely to just shut down or abandon support for the game because they don’t like part of it, as some other publishers have done in the past.

As far as mmo’s and monthly fees go, this has been an ongoing debate for as long as mmo’s have existed. My stance is this – if you go to a movie and buy a hotdog and medium drink, you’re going to drop nearly as much money as you do for an entire month of an mmo. Movies = roughly 90 minutes of entertainment. Mmo’s = as many minutes / hours as you care to put in to them.

I also remember back to the days of GEnie, Compuserve and AOL games where the player was charged by the hour…as much as $6 per hour, in fact, during peak gaming hours. For this reason alone, $15 per month is a pittance.

Will SW:TOR be able to compete with WoW? We don’t know yet. What we do know is that a lot of WoW players are fed up and looking for the next best thing. This alone may be enough to take a bite out of Blizzard’s numbers and wipe the smirk off that panda’s smarmy face.

Yeah, I know…this is where the WoW players tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about and that I should play WoW before I open my cakehole. Before that starts, I’ll just let you know now that I have played WoW…every patch and every expansion up to Cataclysm. I’ve been there. I’ve looked into the eyes of the beast.

I would like to think that The Old Republic stands a chance of knocking WoW off of its rather high pedestal and that it will offer players a new, fresh approach to the MMO genre. Will it? We’ll see.

Finally, as for the art and graphics, I’ve seen recent releases of the game and gameplay and it looks great to me. Our readers WILL see a proper review of the game (as opposed to an opinion piece) as soon as the blackout is lifted so make sure you check back for that.

Also, please don’t kill Keith in his sleep. He’s just mad because KOTOR got trashed.

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