Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

Posted by on November 23, 2011 at 2:46 pm

All I’ve heard from people is that MW3 is the most expensive map pack ever, lol, this is in-game while I’m getting my ass handed to me in multiplayer. My argument against this is what about the NBA and NFL games that come out every year that people buy like crazy? First person shooter series are the same thing as that whether it’s Call of Duty or Battlefield. I was hoping to wrap an ELITE review into this as well but with the issues ELITE has been having I will just do a separate review when it’s operating normally.


This part of the game costs the most to develop but gets played the least. The story picked up with after Modern Warfare 2 and you play as multiple people. I’ll be the first to admit that I get all patriotic when I’m mowing down enemies with bullets, especially when they are in America! Though I find it hard to really follow the story line as a whole in these games but the pre-mission briefings will get me amped up for what I’m about to do. You are trying to rescue the Russian president while also trying to get Makarov (the one who started the war). But I play the campaigns because they play with your emotions and are just down right satisfying.

I’m not one of the fastest players but I was able to beat the game on normal difficulty in 5 hours, that’s a little weak if you ask me. The end mission was really fun because you are suited up in full heavy body armor able to take bullets like it was nothing. It was a good turn from just walking by a hole in the wall and getting lit up with bullets. The scripted scenes didn’t feel like they were taking away from the game so no complaint there. I like the gunner missions where you are on a moving vehicle or in a plane shooting enemies and they did a good mix of that. I mentioned being lit up by bullets by walking by the slightest hole in the wall, I wish they would not have this happen. My guys could be in front of me out in the open and not be shooting telling me to follow someone and as soon as I step out in the open, bullets everywhere in my body.


This is what everyone buys the games for right? I want to talk about Spec Ops first, specifically Survival Mode. This is by far my favorite multiplayer mode. It’s like Zombies from Black Ops but a lot more fun. You play with one other person fighting off unlimited waves of enemies. You have to strategize if you want to survive pas wave 10. My only thought to this is, expand it from only 2 players to 4. I think this would help out with balancing money and make it more of a strategy. I’m constantly able to hoard $20,000+ at any time. The other option in Spec Ops in the multiplayer missions. This is the same as on MW2 but I haven’t been able to find a good sneaking/sniping mission. I need one of those in my life.

The regular multiplayer has been changed and stiff added to it. My new favorite game type is Kill Confirmed. In Kill Confirmed when you kill someone you need to collect a dog tag that fall from their body in order for that point to count for you team. With that the other team can run over their dead teammates dog tag and deny the point for your team. Kill streak rewards have also changed to Strike Packages. This works in my favor because I use the support strike package which keeps your kill count even when you die, that means when you get x amount of kills for that match then you can use your reward. There’s one package that works the same as it did in the previous as well as another new one called specialist. With specialist when you rack up kills you are given one of your perks as a reward until you have all perks and become a one man army!


It’s Call of Duty, and if you’re a fan you will probably buy it if you haven’t already. The game is fun and feels a little refreshed, not completely different but a little refreshed. The graphics look the same as the previous titles but it’s not stopping me from playing it. There was the warning some of the parts may be very disturbing for you like in MW2 where you get to kill everyone in the airport. This one I’m assuming was just the little girl and he family dying from a chemical attack, oh no, very disturbing. There are of course little issues here and there and if I haven’t touched on them above it wasn’t anything that really bothered me.

8/10 FleshEatingZipper

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