Dungeon Overlord Available Now on Facebook

Posted by on November 15, 2011 at 4:29 pm

If you are looking for a nostalgic Dungeon Keeper style game like Nick wrote about then you need to check out Dungeon Overlord. Now available on Facebook with more than 80,000 active players, it looks like one of the that would keep me busy for hours.

You start off with a decent sized dungeon that you must expanded if you want to conquer others in your quest to claim the Heart of the Mountain and be crowned king. Watch out for raiding elves while expanding your territory and collecting resources. Connect with other players to form alliances to invade other peoples’ dungeons.

Features include:

  • Start Your Kingdom – Build your dungeon and attract an army capable of world domination
  • Expand Your Empire – Construct new dungeons, raid the Overworld and pillage other players
  • Interact with Others – Buy items from the player-driven market, form alliances, enslave your friends, attack and even conquer your enemies
  • Crown Yourself King – Claim the Heart of the Mountain and tax your fellow players
  • Unlock Rewards – Complete epic quests, research new technologies, or craft your own equipment to obtain stronger minions, upgrades and rewards

“Our goal was to create an online multiplayer strategy game that kept all of the classic elements of the Dungeon Keeper franchise, but applied lessons learned from our team members’ work on MMOs like Ultima Online and Star Wars Galaxies,” says Chris Mayer, CEO, Night Owl Games. “By taking advantage of the multiplayer potential of the franchise — allowing cooperative play, PvP combat for conquering your neighbors, a player-driven resource marketplace, etc… — we have modernized a classic.”

Check out the trailer below and jump into the game on Facebook. For more info you can also check out the official Dungeon Overlord website.

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