Modern Warfare 3 – Will Lag Issues And Connection Failures Be Its Cause Of Death

Posted by on November 21, 2011 at 12:43 pm

Call of Duty – Modern Warfare 3 or COD – MW3 as it is commonly shortened is yet another in the long list of first person shooters holding the Call of Duty moniker.

The Modern Warfare franchise has a long history of connection issues and lag, in the first few days after a release but with the newest entry into the series, those issues have continued on for many players and, for some, has caused them to walk away from the game entirely.

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If you search on google, you’ll immediately find thousands upon thousands of results pertaining to lag and connection issues with MW3. Video after video and forum post after forum post highlight the issues Activision is having with its multiplayer servers. Players are complaining of the game completely freezing for up to several seconds at a time, right in the middle of multiplayer matches, as well as other issues like random, loud noises and disconnects.

Also, same game is the same.

There is also the issue with the “Call of Duty Elite” service. This was designed to help players connect with others who share their play-style and skill level, so that each person can have the best experience possible. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work yet.

Players have described a number of problems with the Elite service on console – mostly, it seems, with not being able to log in – and the PC version of the service has been indefinitely delayed.

One has to wonder if all of the issues they are having, and have had in the past, could cause a drop off in popularity for the mega-hit franchise. I think it may ; I know dozens of people who play Modern Warfare and have been fans of the Call of Duty series since before Modern Warfare was even a twinkle in Infinity Ward’s eye and many of them are calling it quits.

When I ask them why they’re walking away, they generally site one of two issues as being the sources of their consternation. 1) Connection issues and lag and 2) 12 year olds playing the game and acting like fools. I can agree with both of these.

I wrote an article a while back about what to expect when you play MW3 online and it seems that my prophecy has been fulfilled as, once again, uninformed parents have decided to let Modern Warfare babysit their kids while they do god knows what…certainly anything BUT paying attention to what their kids are doing. So that’s a big problem for a lot of people because, really, who likes getting called a fag (or worse) by a little kid? I don’t. Of course, we can’t blame this on Activision…They have no control over what stupid people allow their kids to do so our only choice is to put that one on the parents and hope we run into some of them in the store someday, so we can slap the shit out of them.

When we look at the connection issues, though, we have to wonder. Activision DOES have control over this and they’ve known about the issues for…well…years. They know that with every release the players end up having massive issues with connecting and staying connected to multiplayer games but they don’t seem to have learned anything from that, yet.

Why is that?

I’m not sure if we should be pointing the finger at the developers, who could probably do something with the network code, the server teams, who could probably do something to optimize the way the servers run or the myopic executives, who could probably stand to give up a little bit of the money in their bank accounts for the cause of adding some servers to the farm and then tell the devs and server teams to clean up their shit.

Regardless of who is to blame, I know it is safe to say that these issues are starting to wear on people’s nerves and if Activision doesn’t sort out it’s problems, C.O.D. may just end up being short for “Cause of Death” in the future.

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  • JustMe

    Totally agree with you on this one. The lag was enough to push me over to Battlefield 3 (a big deal because Bad Company 2 was a joke of a game) and I am happy with their dedicated servers and smoother gameplay.
    Living in australia doesn’t helpe these situations but I think that gamers can talk with their wallets and Activision will listen.

  • Jesse

    I just turned my console off because of this exact reason. Was getting extremely frustrated. Shooting at people and suddenly dying, only to watch my kill cam and see that I was dead before shooting at them. It was fine earlier, but now it’s unplayable.

  • Jklagjloiajlg

    Puck this game and its lag issues..I am never going to buy another cod title in my life

  • Cal632

    I’ve been asking myself if the lag on MW3 was as bad as I thought and tried out the previous modern warfare’s to compare. COD4 plays like a dream by comparison and I’d forgotten how great those original maps were. Am seriously considering playing that for a bit while waiting (hopefully) for the MW3 lag to get fixed…

  • Grammar

    You write like a child! Google how to use a comma! It’s not, like this, or to be used, as a period,

  • Steelerszx42

    Everyone lagging should get their money back for this piece of shit  game, That is the only thing that will change anything

    Infinity and sledgehammer have ruined this game, I am going to get my  my money back, I payed over 100 dollars for this pathetic game with elite, I hope they lose all their hard core fans

  • Anonymous

    The lag is very frustrating, and I hope they fix it.
    I’ll see someone coming, take a shot, hide around the corner and before I can do anything else, I have been shot. I guess bullets turn corners in this game.
    And it seems that every time they patch it, it gets worse.

  • troposfear88

    this game is freaking rediculous… i’ve been trying to play a game for the past 30 minutes on HQ Pro and EVERY SINGLE GAME has lagged; i’ve ended up quiting 5-7 minutes in because its impossible to enjoy. –And I say that with regret because when it works its an awesome game. This is a disservice to the fans and customers of this game.

  • Kyle

    I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one.  I am so frustrated with the lag. I struggle to get through games and get kicked out for no freakin reason. I check my connection and it’s strong. How long have they been doing this and they don’t have their crap together. It’s sloppy in my opinion.

  • Nocman_2

    I may give it until January. After that, I’m going to sale the piece of junk if it doesnt get alot better and buy something worth playing. Wow, thx for ignoring us Activision.

  • Hamo0od939

    This game is stupied because of the lag problems.When i first bought the game it was awsome,but after a week it got real laggy and became unplayable.I am sniping at some one and i shoot him.Suddenly,i am dead and i watch the kill cam to see that the guy i took a shot at killed me with his knife.I got so frustrated i was about to brake my console because also i had 11 kills and i only needed 1 more to my AC-130.Thanks Activision for another cool game.