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Posted by on November 13, 2011 at 2:27 pm

You’ve been wandering around Skyrim, checking out the sights and killing everything that moves and you’ve gathered, looted and stolen 300 pounds of potatoes, horse meat, apples and cheese weighing you down and you can’t figure out what to do with it all, right?

Well, read on after the jump for the official FleshEatingZipper guide to making delicious yet nutritious food items in the world of Skyrim.

And while you’re at it, grab me a coffee, would ya? I haven’t slept in 3 days.


Ok, first things first. In order to cook, you’re going to have to find a cooking pot. There are several of them located around the world in various NPC homes and locations. You can also buy kitchen sets for homes you purchase and those will come with a cooking pot.

The cooking pot will look something like this :


Once you find a cooking pot, approach it and clicky-clicky. It will bring up an interface identical to the one you would use for alchemy. From there, you just chuck some ingredients in and VIOLA! Food.

Below, you’ll find a nice table filled with all of the various recipes available and what you need to accomplish them. These are listed, in-game, but if you need a reference for shopping or hunting, you can use this one!

Om Nom Nom Effect Ingredients Weight Value
Apple Cabbage Stew Restores 10 Health and 15 Stamina. Salt Pile, Red Apple, Cabbage 0.5 8
Beef Stew Increases maximum Stamina by 25 for 720 seconds and restores 2 Stamina per second for 720 seconds. Raw Beef, Carrot, Salt Pile, Garlic 0.5 8
Cabbage Potato Soup Restores 10 health and 10 stamina. Potato, Salt Pile, Leek, Cabbage 0.5 5
Cooked Beef Restores 10 health. Salt Pile, Raw Beef 0.5 5
Elsweyr Fondue Increases Magicka regeneration by 25% and increases maximum Magicka by 100 for 720 seconds. Eidar Cheese Wheel, Moon Sugar, Ale 0.5 5
Grilled Chicken Breast Restores 5 Health. Chicken Breast, Salt Pile 0.2 4
Horker Loaf Restores 15 Health and 15 Stamina. Salt Pile, Horker Meat 1 4
Horker Stew Restores 15 Health and 15 Stamina, and restores 1 Health per second for 720 seconds. Lavender, Tomato, Garlic, Horker Meat 0.5 8
Horse Haunch Restores 10 Health. Salt Pile, Horse Meat 2 4
Leg of Goat Roast Restores 10 Health. Salt Pile, Leg of Goat 1 4
Mammoth Steak Restores 10 Health. Salt Pile, Mammoth Snout 2 8
Pheasant Roast Restores 5 Health. Salt Pile, Pheasant Breast 0.2 4
Rabbit Haunch Restores 5 Health. Salt Pile, Raw Rabbit Leg 0.1 3
Salmon Steak Restores 5 Health. Salt Pile, Salmon Meat 0.1 4
Tomato Soup Restores 10 Health and 10 Stamina. Tomato, Salt Pile, Garlic, Leek 0.5 5
Vegetable Soup Restores 1 Health per second and 1 Stamina per second for 720 seconds. Cabbage, Potato, Leek, Tomato 0.5 5
Venison Chop Restores 5 Health. Salt Pile, Venison 2 5
Venison Stew Restores 15 Stamina and restores 1 Health per second and 1 Stamina per second for 720 seconds. Venison, Salt Pile, Potato, Leek 0.5 8

And there you have it, Skyrimmers. Cooking 101, a la FleshEatingZipper. Don’t forget to clean your cutting boards and knives, we don’t want you getting salmonella and dying when there’s still dragons to be slaughtered!

Until next time!

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  • Cooking has no value in this game as it stands, it’s borderline pointless. Alchemy is far superior on every level, why waste an ingredient on a 10hp goat leg when you can get a potion that will heal 5 times that with no less hassle? Plus the ingredients are more readily available.

    Even if you spend your time collecting more ingredients instead or trying to cook some salmon, you can sell some pots for a fortune. 

    • Zalandel

       Cooking allows you to do a power attack every second with the constant stam regen, therefore cooking if very useful if you are using 2 handed / dual wield / bash etc

  • Roy Lofquist

    VIOLA! is a stringed musical instrument.

    voila (French) – pronounced WA-LA – is the word you’re looking for.

  • V1durrskjldrbrt

    I enjoy the cooking part just as much as the alchemy part of it and thank you for the useful cooking information. The table format is well designed and ready to read. I’m not sure if its true but I read that there’s places you can use stoves to bake and roast. I hope there’s a shepard pie!