Skyrim Patch (1.2) Causes More Problems Than It Fixes?

Posted by on November 30, 2011 at 3:06 pm

Skyrim version 1.2 was released to Playstation 3 owners on Monday of this week and was intended to fix a number of issues including, but not limited to, PS3 players experiencing significant lag as the size of their save files increased.

After the patch though, a number of new problems have arisen which are driving players crazy.

Read on for details!

The Skyrim patch, which is set to hit 360 and Steam versions of the game last night and this afternoon, respectively, has caused issues with resistances being ignored, more lag, and…get this…Backwards dragons.

That’s right! Dragons fly BACKWARDS now!

Reports are that Bethesda has been hammered with complaints about such bugs and are working furiously to fix the problems that were created by the patch. In the mean time, if you haven’t already patched your game, you can choose to refuse the patch when it’s offered which will, of course, keep you from getting porked any more that you already have been. This will keep you off of XBL and PSN but I figure that beats backwards lizards, any day.

The Wily Back-stroking dragon, in his natural environment

 At this point it seems that Bethesda is unwilling to make an official statement regarding these issues but we’re certain they’ll have something for players, soon. While you’re waiting, you can always play some Minecraft or some Saints Row the Third. At least those don’t have backwards dragons.

Stay on point, though! Skyrim is still one of the best games of 2011 so keep on hacking and slashing and casting and shooting or, if you’re the spouse of a Skyrim player, keep those turkey sandwiches and Mountain Dew flowing!

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  • Heat of the Night

    There’s absolutely no excuse for incompetence.  There needs to be an example set, thus Bethesda needs to immediately fire those responsible for patching this game. 

    • And then kick them in the NUTS!

    • guest


    • Rainstorm

      I think they all need to stay overtime and do a lot of personal testing

  • Candykaiba


  • Amunnakht

    Poor scripted creature probably suffering like WTF is going on, he confused too…CMON Bethesda

  • Darryl Holmes

    I played like a fanatic from release until 1.2, I no problems until 1.2… then it screwed up all the storages in my house, f’ed my bookshelves big time (can’t access them and all my books are gone), not to mention it putting my PS3 into recovery mode 4 times before I gave up and loaded Mass Effect 2 back up. They really dropped the ball with the PS3 version.