Deadmau5 Lost The Only PlayStation Vita Outside Sony [UPDATE: Deadmau5 Didn’t Lose It, Still A Jerk]

Posted by on December 11, 2011 at 9:19 am


So naturally, when you’re a megastar electronic producer who’s into gaming (well, Minecraft anyway), chances are you’re going to get some pre-release hardware. So imagine you have that hardware, namely a PlayStation Vita, which isn’t out anywhere in the world, and then you lose it in a cab ride after one of the worst award shows ever. It all seems vaguely reminiscent of a certain debacle that happened over a year and a half ago when an Apple engineer lost a pre-release iPhone 4 in a bar. We’re sure Deadmau5 is really sorry, though…

…but I mean, c’mon. The guy said it was on the seat next to him and he forgot to pick it up. Mistakes will happen, sure, but this one’s so on the nose as far as timing goes that it’s ridiculous. Not only that, but this was supposedly the only PS Vita outside of Sony’s firm control. Who knows what will happen to it now. Being in such a privileged position, how trustworthy would you be with exclusive hardware, given the access? We haven’t lost a single piece of review hardware here, so it’s not as if we can’t relate. In my mind, it seem as if some special care should be taken to make sure this stuff doesn’t happen, secret service style. I imagine he gets tons of exclusives and his management spent hours on the phone trying to track it down.

On the flip side, maybe this’ll be good publicity for it. This is honestly the first time we’ve mentioned the PSVita in months and considering the uphill battle Sony’s going to have selling this evolutionary dead end of video game hardware, they’ll need all the help they can get.

UPDATE: The Dead Mau5 exclaimed on his Facebook that he wanted to ‘freak out the management’ by announcing he’d lost the precious prototype. Well, that’s that.

Source: Deadmau5 on Twitter

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