Did BioWare Sneak A Scene From “Night At The Roxbury” Into Star Wars:The Old Republic?

Posted by on December 9, 2011 at 10:31 pm

You be the judge but it sure looks like it.

Some videos have been popping up on youtube over the last several days which show a scene in a cantina that sure looks like a bit from Night At The Roxbury.

We’ve got a couple of them, below so clicky!

While this isn’t “new” news, it’s just starting to make its way through the community and if I’m honest, I’ll say that I think it’s pretty funny. BioWare has apparently said, in the past, that there will be no pop culture references in Star Wars : The Old Republic and that everything that happens will be directly related or connected to Star Wars.

Now, BioWare and EA have quite a few people up in arms recently over the “no grace period” scandal, with people crying foul and saying that BioWare lied to them (I’m not in a position to judge any of that so don’t ask me). Well, now people are saying, once again, that they were like to by BioWare but this time the response seems to be quite a bit different with people appearing to be rather amused by this easter-eggish pop culture reference.

I would guess that a few people will complain and say that the idea of having pop culture introduced into their Star Wars will ruin the experience for them but I think that as long as it stays subtle and isn’t abused, it’s a good thing. Like when you get peanut butter in your chocolate.

So here, below, we have a couple of videos. The first is raw video from the game and the second was edited to have the famous “What is Love” music clip dubbed over the top.

Personally, I find this hilarious.

Check out the vids and tell me what you think!

Star Wars : The Old Republic releases on December 20th and early play will begin as early as the 13th. See you there!

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