EA Cans Existing Online Passes

Posted by on December 3, 2011 at 8:34 pm

A couple of days ago (ok, it was yesterday) I talked about Activision, THQ and Take Two talking about charging subscription fees – as much as $50 or more per year – for access to play their games online.

This was a move that EA had made, though not to that extent, with their “online pass”.

Well…It seems EA has decided to show their collective asses to the consumers and cancel those online passes.

Read on!

We know that EA started this “online pass’ business to discourage the purchase of second hand games from places like Gamestop and Game Crazy, pushing users to buy new copies of games which would come with an online pass instead of then having to spend money to buy one after the fact. Well, in what can only be described as a MASSIVE case of douchebaggery, EA has now canceled a bunch of the online passes that were included with new games.

Allow me to be more specific. EA canceled online passes which were included with new games that haven’t been purchased yet!

This means that if you run down to the store and buy a copy of a game which includes an online pass, take it home and fire it up, expecting to use the brand new online pass to play that game online, you may just find that it’s been shitcanned.

Apparently EA built those online pass codes with an expiration date so if the game you bought has been sitting for a while, that online pass may have already died, leaving you out in the cold with your new $60 game.

Shacknews contacted Sony and Microsoft in an attempt to find out if the codes had been flushed by PSN or XBL, arbitrarily, and were told by both companies that they have no control over the codes – it is solely up to the discretion of the publisher to decide when such codes will be invalidated.

Ok, EA…WTF?!

So now you’ve gone out, dropped $60 on a game, get it home and try to play it and, SHAZAM, your code is broken. Now you have to get online and drop another $10 for an online pass so you can play online, which completely invalidates the reason for them creating the online pass in the first place…


Yeah…I’d say go ahead and start buying all of your EA titles used, since there’s no point in wanting a new online pass anyway. To hell with them. Reach into their pockets and take back as much money as you can.

Maybe they’ll learn when nobody will buy their games anymore.

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  • fuckyouflesheatingzipper

    idiotic article, you are a fucking retard. EA posted almost instantly that this is in error, and all you have to do is contact EA for a new code….free of charge.

    too bad you are a stupid fuckup that cant do his research. horrible, misinformed, worthless piece of shit journalist.